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Happy Monday My Loves, Hope You Had A Great Weekend


sitting pretty in pink
sitting pretty in pink

Good morning My loves I’m up and at em early today for some reason, though I’m kind of tired. I’m hoping I can get a good afternoon nap in later like I did yesterday though. I had such a long busy weekend how was  yours? Even though I was  busy and active this weekend I took the time to embrace My natural look and I loved it. I wore My hair out Friday and Saturday In PUBLIC. It was so liberating.

10625002_769849013080513_5828515088478197057_nI had a big day in church on  Sunday though so I had no choice but to   twist it up and look all sophisticated, which I pulled off well right?

604149_771332539598827_5589835898925612006_nYesterday I  found Myself wondering if you can  keep up with Me and all My projects magazines, websites etc because I realized I have a hard time Myself.

topless beauty
topless beauty

I  get a free digital  copy of every mag My work is featured in but I realized that with Me having 3 or more magazines released a month for the last few months that even I’ve fallen behind in buying print copies. I’ve decided to run a special holiday promotion  for My most devoted fan. It will be up on the site before the week ends.

seductively Sapphire
seductively sapphire

Saturday while out  running errands I  got a tweet directing Me to the BADD Magazine  website. I had  almost forgotten that they had requested some special  stuff, poems and stories to post on the website aside from what I write for the  print mag. So “Seductively Sapphire” My online column  has started  and will be updated on Saturdays Check it out at


I was so excited yesterday to see that  the new issue of HP Magazine came out early. I’m this month’s  cover model and My hot new story “Under the Mistletoe” is featured inside. Its the  first erotic story in HP Magazine Go Me! I’m looking good on the back  cover as well. Don’t  miss out click the link and  get you a copy. Print and  digital versions available.

table of  contents 86 blvd magazine
table of contents 86 blvd magazine

I’m extremely pumped  because Friday My article on masturbation will be released in the newest issue of 86 Blvd. Even more excited was I this weekend  when I had a chance to read My interview with Nyomi Banxxx for her cover feature in 86 Blvd. I’m so awed by her  answers to My questions and  after  I told her I was the one who interviewed her she followed Me on  instagram. How awesome! Check out  more of My writing in  86 Blvd at

Bust it open in pink and black
Bust it open in pink and black


Pink Bra  Black Shorts
Pink Bra Black Shorts

I ‘m gonna leave you a few little video treat below and I gotta rush off. I want to edit some new video  for you  guys before I head out to  My appointments for the day.

im from bmore i gots to get it – Sexy Sapphire Booty Shake from Sexy Sapphire on Vimeo.

titty tuesday come n get it by bmoresjewel

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Fresh Off The Press And More To Come

              EDG COVER ART

I woke up this morning to  nothing but smiles and  hotness.  The first thing I noticed when I hopped on facebook was the  photo above. My sweetheart, Mr Erotiq from  Erotiq Dreamgirls , a company I’ve been affiliated with for  over 7 years made this beautiful cover for Me over night.  I love it! Don’t you?

Undiscovered Magazine November  cover
Undiscovered Magazine November cover

Then I realized today was the  release date for the new issue of Undiscovered Magazine.  I wrote a REALLY hot  girl on girl adventure for it. It’s the first time My writing has appeared in this magazine and the editor has given rave reviews. I’m excited.


Not only is My hot story inside but there are 26 hot and sexy models as well. Don’t take My word for it though, get your copy at and see for yourself.


I also got the opportunity to see the cover  art in progress for this months issue of HP Magazine which is being released on the 18th on this month. I’m rocking  a hot Christmas outfit  for the holiday issue and I wrote an erotic story to  go inside as well. I can’t wait til it drops.

red head beauty
                            red head beauty

I’m proud to say that  they aren’t My only magazine features for this month. I also  have  an article on  self pleasure, you know, masturbation in this months issue of 86 Blvd Magazine. You can  check out the magazine and  previous stories written by Me at take a minute and  check it out.

That’s not it either because you know I  have a monthly column in B.A.D.D. Magazine and I will be releasing a new  story  when it drops around the 25th. So as you can see, I’ve been a  busy little  writing devil. I love it. I used to get so much  joy from being the model in the magazine and  now it’s  so awesome to  be published for My brain. Check out My stories in previous issues at

sitting pretty in  black
sitting pretty in black


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Sapphire Makes It Steamy

peek a boo breasts
peek a boo breasts

So unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last  year it’s impossible for A  Sapphire  fan to not know that I’ve been busy writing  erotic stories. In the past  month and a half  I think I’ve had 5 magazines released featuring My writing. I’ve also been writing for this one particular website, Naughty Down 4Ever.

Tearsheet  for article on webcam girls for 86 Blvd mag
Tearsheet for article on webcam girls for 86 Blvd mag

Many of the stories I write are specifically for  magazines but you can check out some of My recent publications below. My hot new story " A Birthday Surprise" is on sale now in the latest issue of BADD Magazine My hot new story ” A Birthday Surprise” is on sale now in the latest issue of BADD Magazine My hot new story ” A Birthday Surprise” is on sale now in the September issue of BADD Magazine

BADDD Magazine story written by Sexy Sapphire
BADDD Magazine story written by Sexy Sapphire

My new story “Dear Diary I’m Such A Hoe” is in the  August Issue of BADD Magazine

tearsheet from  NFlava Magazine  Fall issue 2014
tearsheet from NFlava Magazine Fall issue 2014

My  new story “The Bet” can be found in the  fall 2014 issue of NFlava Magazine

Tearsheet for 86 Blvd issue 8 for Truth or Dare
Tearsheet for 86 Blvd issue 8 for Truth or Dare

My new story “Truth or Dare” can be  found in the newest  issue of 86 Blvd Magazine

Looking Over Some of My Mag Features
Looking Over Some of My Mag Features

Don’t worry you don’t have to spend money to read ALL of My stories I promise. I write  erotic stories for Naughty Down 4Ever and have some really hot stories  you can read there for FREE. Just click one of the links below.

Roadside Loving

Cyber Sex

Just A Little Taste

Park & Ride

Don’t forget

Cover  for  Bubbleshake XXX magazine
Cover for Bubbleshake XXX magazine

Don’t forget  that  the Bubbleshake XXX Magazine with Me on the cover has been released. You can pick up a copy  at

  • October 27th look out for the  next issue of BADD Mag featuring My hot  new foot fetish story.
  • Later this  month look  for My  new article on masturbation in 86 Blvd
cover for all nude issue of  86 blvd magazine. Features My article on Masturbation
cover for all nude issue of 86 blvd magazine. Features My article on Masturbation

Also I will be on the cover of the Holiday Issue of HP  Magazine and I wrote a hot story inside titled “Under The Mistletoe” The mag will be released November 15 but for now you can check out other issues of the magazine and follow the collection at


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