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Welcome to My naughty  world.  If you’re not familiar with Me I’m Sexy Sapphire  also known as Bmores Hidden Jewel. I’m a naughty  girl  who loves to show  off  all she  is working with. Come  inside and see what makes Me the sexiest of all Sapphire’s. Click the links are  look around. For  all My  hottest new updates click HERE. Don’t  forget to  use the side bar to visit My other sites and join Me on social networking  sites.

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116 thoughts on “Home”

      1. Hey sapphire I once messaged you for pics and prices in a shoot it a big booty white redhead u did with let me know if u still havem

        1. Hey love I do have those photos but she was a first time model and her pics were for promotional and personal use. I don’t have permission to sell them

  1. hey brown sugar i can’t stop seeing your attractiveness but you made me that you wanna take my virginity i don’t blame you but i’ve been having throughts about having a sexual relationship with you and i’m also single

          1. So what’s your next video shoot i want to meet you in person. Because i want some balloons just send them to me i will give my address.

          1. I’d love to be your valentine. I have a wishlist for gifts or you can send to anything to my mailing address at M. Hill p.o. box 4485 Baltimore, MD 21223

      1. Aw really? I sure hope you enjoyed yourself. I love the harbor, I’m there all the time in the summer Myself.

          1. Ok where can i send you the money it can be a money order. Where can you get this balloons from. and who your connection and everything. So what kind you Qualatex balloons or the real good ones. And what your secret of get them.

          2. Ok i will do that when i send you the money order soon as i can and everything. So when can i get them. You want me to give my mailing address as well. i want the big one the colorful ones.

          3. yes send your mailing address to My email or po box I have provided you with bot. I can ship balloons withing 10 days after receiving your money order

          4. Heyy Sexy Sapphire whassup I know that I didn’t even get my balloons. That you was going to send me and everything.

          5. I have told you 20 times now if you wanted something from Me you had to send money first. At no point have you told Me you were sending money nor have I received any form you

        1. Thank you Sexy Sapphire. Roses are red violets are pink i think that your sexy and cute. your chocolate hershey kisses face and your body just blows me away like a balloon when blow it up and everything.

        2. Hey Sexy Sapphire I just made your artwork to you and everything I hope you like them I made the hearts especially for you and let me know that you got them and everything. Please send me those balloons for me. Much love Duke P-Town finest

          1. ok love did you mail it out yet? I will be checking mail and send u some balloons too

          2. Hey Sexy Sapphire did you get my artwork I send out couple of months I know you will love it check your mail and let me know you got them.

          3. Heyy Sexy Sapphire I know that you love my artwork and everything. I’m so happy that your my favorite diva in da world. Did you get any new balloons yet let me know and send them to me.

      1. Heyy Sexy Sapphire I’m sorry that I will send you the money order. I love you a whole lot. I’m mean from the bottom of my heart. I will send to you this week or so. So you can send me my balloons and everything. Love ya Sexy Sapphire.

  2. Liked your hair in your tumbler pix and that was a nice outfit. Hope you have a great day.

    Hopefully can get back on my yahoo but lockedout for some reason.:(

    1. thank u darling it is always great to hear from you. I’ve been having so much fun with My hair. next week I start My locks

  3. Well had to dump the old email.:(

    Your various hairstyles as well sexy nails has always been part of your sex appeal for me. Your beautiful face and gorgeous body always turn me on but add a hairstyle and some colorful nails and my fantasy and desires goes off the charts. I am certainly looking forward to seeing you rock them locks. You will look even more amazing!

  4. Hi Sapphire,How have you been my darling….you’re so beautiful woman and Hmmmm! I want see you sometime But I will be there to downtown in Baltimore Block Plsssss!!! ….I will gave you my number so Cuz!!!

    1. OMG I just realized you’re that loser from way back on the chatty. I’m glad you see I’m steady grinding and shining. And Like I told you back then I’m a shining star.

  5. Oh I’ll give you money order this soon ok and what do you think about $250.00 or $500.00 …. Later ok and I don’t play with you babe Sapphire sweetheart

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