Hey My Loves, I’m Back!!!


Bootyful Sapphire Backshot
bootyful Sapphire back shot


It’s been so long since  I left you guys, The  blog has been down  since the  end of  June and i know you’ve missed Me. I’ve missed you too but I’d be a liar if I said that I didn’t enjoy the  break. In My absence from  daily blogging  I have been taking time to reflect more on Myself, what I want to  focus on now that I’m about to stop modeling and My writing.

bent over Sapphire
Sapphire bent over


In the  past few months I’ve been doing a lot more writing for  various magazines and websites as well as securing a monthly column in B.A.D.D. Magazine. they’ve recently given Me a  corner of the website to write on and I’m excited about that.

BADDD Magazine story written by Sexy Sapphire
BADDD Magazine story written by Sexy Sapphire

Other than steady work progression  not much has changed while i had the blog  down. I’m still single, I’m still spoiled BUT  I HAVE  lost weight again. I’m all skinny now, but if you’re a loyal fan or follower you’ve seen My photos on  instagram and know  that I’m all small again.

Sapphire sexy in Blue
Sapphire sexy in Blue

I’ll be back to update you with  even more hotness soon.

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