Who Stole My Sex Life? I Miss My Fun and Happy Sexcapades

where's My sex life
                           where’s My sex life

I walk a very  fine line of My sexuality versus My  job. Before I  became Sexy Sapphire I had the best sex life ever I think. I did who I wanted, when I wanted  and where I wanted at all times. While I know it wasn’t lady like and at times, even  risky I was damn happy. At no point  did I have a sexual urge I didn’t get fulfilled. Whether I just wanted head, or wanted to give  some, whether I just wanted to 69 a big booty  bitch  or get dumb high and get My back blown out, it happened. But that’s not the case now.

I Smother Faces
                                     I Smother Faces

My sex life started to decline the more popular I got. I  had to start watching  who I slept with. I was no longer just having fun, suddenly I became a target. A notch on  some  guy belt to brag about and I wasn’t having that.  It was o.k.  for Me to  be a freak before but as Sapphire, a commodity I couldn’t have guys running around  claiming I was  easy to bed. I closed My legs.

For the  first time I tried being  faithful to My man except getting head which was allowed. That worked for a long time. One day  I looked up though and I was single. Now I had no one to sleep with and a bunch of  guys to get head from.  I let them sustain Me  while I dick hunted, that was 2010. I’ve been single since and  in all actuality Ive been sleeping with pretty much the same guys since. I cut  two off this year and currently My lovers are all men I  was sleeping with either before I became so popular or before I became Sapphire. They are pretty much the only ones I trust want Me for Me, not My image or  name.

fuck Me good
                                    Fuck Me good

I’m human  so I’m ever  changing,  My feelings and emotions  often catch even Me  by surprise.  Being so sexual I never thought I’d have trouble with sex in My early 30’s but I am.  After 17 yeas in the sex business and  sleeping with men for every reason other than love I find Myself craving love from the person I  sleep with. I know My lovers all wonder whats wrong because I’ve lost interest in sleeping with them and  haven’t  been sleeping with them. I haven’t even called and asked for head.

Sapphire  gives a blow job
                          Sapphire gives a blow job

I’ve talked to My therapist  about it and the best I can come up with is  the guy I met on My birthday ruined My sex life.  I went out alone  for My birthday and  on the way home I met a guy. I normally  don’t  let guys pick Me up on the street but I was lonely and  it was My birthday, he caught Me off guard.  He was handsome, the epitome of what I look for physically. Taller than I, dark skin, dreads, and a beautiful smile.  we exchanged numbers and began talking and spending time together regularly.  He told Me up front he didn’t want to sleep with Me and that  gave Me comfort.

For the next  2  months  we  spent  virtually every day together. I discovered that  even if we only had 15-20 minutes to sit and talk I was  as happy as  if we had sat for hours. I cant remember the last time I experienced that. For once, a man I wasn’t sleeping with made Me smile all day, just the  thought of him. A text had Me smiling all day.  We made a  habit of ending our day together, a smoke and  cuddle and  I slept better than I had in forever though we never  spent a night together. I got a taste of what it felt like to   feel special and beautiful and wanted on a daily basis, by someone who met Me on the street, saw My flaws, My chipped teeth and all. I never  bothered wearing a wig around him, never had to  dress all sexy. He mad Me feel real and that changed My other relationships.

Sexy Sapphire cumshot
            Sexy Sapphire cumshot

I found Myself  pushing away  from My lovers though I wasn’t sleeping with the  guy I was spending all My time with. They would  call and I wouldn’t answer or they  would call and I’d tell them I needed some space. I tried  having sex with the new guy eventually and I wasn’t thrilled. Spending time with him was  better to Me than the actual act of sex so I told him I wasn’t ready to make our relationship sexual.

Since then I’ve had many conversations with My therapist including asking her why she thinks I’m so reluctant to start a sexual relationship with another guy who I’ve been seeing regularly for a year but haven’t slept with. He is  so much of what I seek in a man, strong, determined, intelligent, willing to read and learn more, he is sensitive and mushy, cooks, cleans and  takes care of Me well. Yet  even though I’m attracted to  him I have never slept with him. I’m lost.

I love eating pussy
I love eating pussy

My therapist thinks its notable that after so much time of relationships that have centered around sex that I am cultivating not one, but two  that  I am happy in but  are not sex based. I think it’s a pain in the ass. See I realized, and spoke to therapist about the fact that this new guy changed how I felt about things. Somehow, meeting him and  being so content in what we shared made Me realize what I was really missing. It isn’t sex. I’ve  been inundated with sex and  for once I slowed down and  enjoyed something that wasn’t about sex. I realized that I want more than  sex. I miss being loved, I miss being in love, I miss having someone that makes Me smile at  just the  thought of them. I want to be  happy and not just when I’m penetrated.

It really made Me think, honestly out of the guys I’m sleeping with there are only one or two I could sit on phone and hold long convo  with. There is only one who if I were really in a bind I know I could call and  he would have My back. There’s not one that I can call spur of the moment and say  come hold Me and know they’d come. Not  one of the men who I had been sleeping with regularly asked Me out even once a month and said hey, lets go out. I’ve been spoiled by men  I’d never sleep with and  neglected by those I was  faithfully giving My body to. In fact  My birthday, Valentines Day, Christmas I’d like to be able to tell u the  men I slept with  got Me gifts. But I don’t lie. This is  no longer acceptable to Me.

Ride His  face
Ride His face

Now I’m at a point where My bed has become the Sahara. I’m holding out, I have had My legs closed. Somehow I’ve gotten to a point where My mind and body want to be caressed by the same person. I need more from the man I  am  giving My body to. I need to have something real, not a man I call just to  come  get My ass wet and  go but  someone who is around all the time, someone who likes Melony, not Sapphire and who stimulates Me in and out of bed. I know what thing, I need to find him soon because I  miss My sex life and  I don’t care how many  toys I got, it’s not working.

Just like you have to look at My old vids and  pics to  enjoy what My wild days used to be like I do too. Thank God I  have them on  video and  such hot pics like this because  the  way I  live  like a prude now  no one  would believe My sex life has been so amazing. I’m just waiting to meet the  person who brings it all back out.

Pop that pussy
            Pop that pussy

If you want to see  some  videos of Me  in My wild days I suggest checking out My video  store. You  will have to go back a few pages but there are  plenty of  vids of Me sucking, fucking, doing girl on  girl and more. Check it out at www.clips4sale.com/19665 or go into the members area at www.sexysapphire.c4slive.com

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The Movie – Erotic Story By Sexy Sapphire

Watch Sapphire & Smile
                            Watch Sapphire & Smile

It was Friday and as usual I was bored as hell so I called up my
homeboy Thomas to see what He was doing for the night. He said he
was going to a movie and asked if I wanted to join him. I smiled and
agreed because I know that his idea of going to a movie was a little
different from the normal persons idea of a movie. I perked up as I
started to dress, I had a feeling this was going to be an interesting

When he came to pick me up he told me we were going for a
long ride. I sparked a blunt, popped in the latest mixtape cd I had  bought and settled in for the ride. We chatted a lil while smoked and rode, he gave no indication of where we were going and I didn’t ask. We drove outta Baltimore to a town further up in Maryland and into the parking lot I thought its looked like a video store, there were a few guys hanging around in the parking lot.

Sapphire bent over showing  off
  Sapphire bent over showing off

We went inside and as it appeared I was at least half right. It
was a video store but it had other areas. We walked around a bit him
leading the way. I felt the eyes of every man in there on me, I
wondered why, I would find out later. We walked off to the side through a door opening, into a dimly lit room. There were casino styled games and video booths where u can sit and watch a show, there were also two way booths, which I had never seen before. Thomas said that these were exhibitionist booths, where the person sits on one side and someone else sits on the other and can watch.

Thomas motioned his finger towards another room as we
walked back into the main video store area. I hadn’t even noticed the
door until he pointed it out. We walked towards the door the had
pointed at, stopping at the counter to pay. The lady at the counter,
whose tag said Doris, of all things, told him I was free tonight and it
was ten dollars for him. I asked him why he said he didn’t know and
opened the door for me. Automatically I was in shocked it was like he opened the door to another world.

Kick Back With Sapphire
Kick Back With Sapphire

I walked into small lounge area, which was followed by a wide
corridor, I was standing in front of the bathrooms on the right side
of me and to the left there were two private rooms. “You can rent
those rooms for private time if you want”, Thomas told me. We
walked into another lounge area, there were a few guys sitting
watching some t.v. show. Past that there was a large hall area with
four movie theaters. There were men hanging in the hall and
doorways. I checked out the movie theaters, two of them showed
gay porn all guy on guy action and two showed boy/girl and girl
on girl scenes.There were men in each room.

There were a few men all hanging in one door way so I
headed over to see what was so good about that room. When the
guys saw me they parted the doorway to let me in. I walked in and the first thing I noticed was the big screen tv showing gay porn. There was a small group of guys huddled near a dark corner. In the corner was a couple engaged in oral sex. Both participants were male. One was sitting on the couch the other on his hands and knees on the floor between his legs, his head bobbing up and down with no shame. Either oblivious to the fact theat there were people watching or reveling in the fact of, the couple seemed to be thoroughly
enjoying themselves.

Beautiful Backshot
Beautiful Backshot

The receiver looked as if he was in pure pleasure as his lover
slurped and sucked on his throbbing dick. His right hand tweaked
his left nipple, his eyes were rolled back. There were at least 20 eyes
glued to them, including my own. Th giver was thrusting the dick in
his mouth, going up and down like a pro. He sucked greedily,
slurping away happily as he stroked the shaft vigorously. Some of
the men watching were stroking themselves and I could feel my
panties moistening.

I love guy on guy action, it is my biggest fetish and a major
turn on. The giver now deep throating, the receiver bucking his
mouth, fucking his face. Me turned on as hell and wanting to fuck.
I couldn’t remember the last time I had been so horny. I watched the
two guys in action. The receivers face was scrunched, he was bucking fast he was about to cum. He let out a loud growl and th giver kept going, sucking him through the whole orgasm. He swallowed every drop and got up and walked out the room. I was horny as hell hoping to see some more live action. Thomas was just smiling at me.

Bust it open baby

Bust it open baby

After the show was over I moved into another room and plopped
down into a large easy chair. Not even thinking it could of just held sex participants I got comfortable and started watching the action on the screen. I sneakily tried to watch the guy sitting off to my left as he stroked himself while we watched the guy on the screen take it up the ass. I wasn’t sneaky enough because he saw me looking and asked if I wanted to come closer to watch. I went over and sat next to him. When I moved to sit next to him on the couch, another guy moved and sat in a chair on the left side of me.

  • The guy who invited me over asked me if i wanted to touch his
    dick. I said no I just wanted to watch. He put his dick away and said I couldn’t look at it if I wouldn’t touch it. I turned to the guy on my left and asked him if he would play with it for me. He said yes and motioned towards the empty couch across the room, “Lets sit in the dark”, he told me and we got up to move. “No fair” hollered out the first guy who had refused me his dick. He pulled his dick back out, flaccid; I laughed at him, told him to put it away and moved with my new friend.
naked beauty
naked beauty

Sitting in the dark corner with my new friend I watched as he
let himself free and started stroking. I was excited by the double
show, him and the action on the screen. I was enjoying listening to
my new friend moan. A guy came and sat to the left of me occupying
the rest of the couch. I asked him if he would touch himself too, he
happily obliged releasing himself from his jeans, already stiff.
After a few minutes of watching them two touch themselves I was
so horny. I reached inside my shirt and my nipples were so hard
I just had to touch them. So there we sat, like three peas in a pod all
touching ourselves and watching the other and screen. The longer
we did this, the more intently I squeezed my nipples and played
with my breast. The guy on my right asked if he could see them.
I pulled them out and let each touch one.

Eventually our touching led to me having a man sucking
each tit simultaneously. Someone must have alerted the other
patrons of the spectacle we were causing because at one point
I looked up and the room was full of men. They were occupying
the doorway and hugging walls, the bolder ones standing close
to us. There were dicks out everywhere, apparently I was the
only female in the place, even after being there almost an hour.
There was a guy standing a distance away but in front of me
stroking himself in my eye range. “come here.” I beckoned him

Come and get it
Come and get it

Standing in front of me he slowly stroked his milky white
shaft, “May I,” I reached for his swollen member and stroked it.
Then I leaned back in my seat and continued playing with my
nipples as I watched the men masturbate for my pleasure. Damn
this shit was too hot. I wanted to play with my pussy but I was
too nervous in this environment. Laying back on the couch,
touching my breast and watching the lust fest around me. I
noticed that Thomas was watching and keeping an eye on me,
and that he too had his dick out and was stroking himself as he
watched me in enjoyment.

The guy on my right side was steady stroking himself.
The guy on the left of me rotated a few times. They would
sit next to me, masturbate bust their nuts and rotate. The one
in front of me alternated too. It seemed that there were an
endless stream of men to masturbate just for me. I was loving
it. Both titties out, I was laid back on the couch being fondled
by complete strangers and reveling in every second of it. I would
lick the palm of my hands and stroke a dick every few moments.
Back and forth between men, I rubbed their dicks with my
slippery wet hands while they alternated at groping my body and
teasing my nipples.

I watched man after man stroke himself to orgasm while
either looking at or touching me. “Come for me,” I pleaded
of them. There was a guy standing off in the background a little
but his eyes were glued to me. He had his hand on his pants
but had not freed himself yet. “Come closer,” I told him. “Play
with it please. I’ll let u taste my titty, want some,” I lifted my
breast and motioned towards his mouth. He dropped to his
knees and sucked at my teat greedily as if nursing. “Let me
see you cum,” I told him.


There were men all around me, there was nut on all types
of surfaces, on the couch, the floor, armchairs and all. There
were at least ten men standing around me at any given moment.
My breast were fully exposed, there were hands and tongues
fondling them. I was in heaven. After like a hour of our
mutual fondling there was nut everywhere. I put my titties away,
stroked a few more dicks a few more times and reached into
my back pocket and produced a stack of business cards. I told
them my name was Sexy Sapphire and handed cards around to my
new friends. I thanked them all for a fun night and told Thomas I
was ready to go. Back in the car I sparked another blunt and laid
back in my seat “Good movie,” I told him and laughed inhaling.

When I got home I played with my pussy for over an hour.
I was so horny i masturbated over a hour. Thrusting my favorite
blue dildo inside my already wet pussy. I came so hard creaming all
over it thinking about my sexy little escapade earlier. I cant wait to
go to the movies with Thomas again.

Pretty girl in pink
       Pretty girl in pink 

An original story by Sexy Sapphire  for www.sapphirethesexyone.com. I can  write for your website or magazine too. Contact Me @ sapphirethesexyone@gmail.com

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Let Me Start Your Morning Right. How About Some XXX Fun? Videos Inside


Sapphire Blowjob Screenshot
Sapphire Blowjob Screenshot


Good morning My loves, it’s Saturday and   for some of you it’s  finally a day  of peace and rest. You  know  that’s  when I  love  to  make sure you got enough Sapphire to  hold you down while you chill. Whether you’re  horny or  bore or  just haven’t had  time to keep up with Me lately this morning if you have free time I  have  videos to fill it.

Sapphire on couch
Sapphire on couch

This is one of My newest  videos, those of you  who have taken  advantage of the opportunity to  call Me  know how much I love kinky phone sex.  I just love when you call and demand that  I get naughty  with you and  fuck Myself  senseless. Don’t take My word for it though, if you’ve never experienced it    you can  check  out the video  below to see what a call with Me is like.

In fact if you want to  call Me  My phone lines will  be back on late tonight and you can check every day  because I  turn them on regularly.  Reach Me at or dial 1-800-863-5478 ext: 03706577 or http://www.niteflirt.com/sosexysapphire or http://www.tinyurl.com/callsapphire

sapphire lazing on couch
sapphire lazing on couch

The video  below is a  real treat for My  anal and  queefing lovers. Not only  am I  fucking Myself silly but I’m on  some  double penetrating  naughtiness that includes  some hot  queefing action. I hope you enjoy!

I’ll  end this out  with  some XXXtremely freaky  shit. You know  back when I was  at My wildest  I was a BEAST. Enjoy this  free  fucking sucking  nasty  ass video below. It’s gotten over 105,000 views on pornhub. Go Me.!!!

If you like these  videos there  are more on  My porn hub  page as well as LONGER and NAUGHTIER videos in My online store at www.clips4sale.com/19665 and  for rent and sale at www.rude.com/sapphirethesexy1 Or you could save yourself some money and enjoy all 300+ videos in My membership area plus  100’s of  pics for ONLY $17.95 a month at www.sexysapphire.c4slive.com

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We Getting Kinky After Dark

Kinky Convo After Dark logo
             Kinky Convo After Dark logo


golden brown  backshot
golden brown backshot

Getting  kinky is something that comes  VERY  easy to Me so you know I’m looking forward to My  upcoming interview on Kinky Convo After Dark Radio this Wednesday night. That’s right, it’s time for another hot and sexy , Sexy Sapphire interview.

Kinky Convo After Dark  Ad
Kinky Convo After Dark Ad

I hope you don’t  miss out!!! The show airs  on Wednesday nights from 11p.m. to Midnight every week and this Wednesday October 23, 2014 I will be on the  show. Tune in and  show your support.

Speaking of  support,  Follow Kinky Convo After Dark Radio on  facebook and  instagram by  clicking the links below.



kinky convo after dark  banner
              kinky convo after dark banner

Tune in  October 23, 2014  at 11p.m. www.blogtalkradio.com/kcadradio or call (347) 838-9440

Sweet kisses loves, I will be back tomorrow

Kinky  Sapphire
Kinky Sapphire

Want to interview Me on/in your radio show, blog, website or magazine ? EMAIL ME  sapphirethesexyone@gmail.com

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My Latest Interviews – Are You Keeping Up?



Sapphire standing in blue and white
Sapphire standing in blue and white

Hey My loves, I don’t know if you have been keeping up with Me in My absence from posting blogs regularly but I have stayed busy at all times. I find Myself wondering if you’ve checked out My latest few interview. Just in case you haven’t I  got them right here for you.

Sexy Sapphire in Blue Panties
Sexy Sapphire in Blue Panties

This summer I  had the opportunity to  be interviewed by the owner of Sin69 Studios, a local porn company that has been making waves in the business. We talked business, marketing and popularity. Check out the interview below

I also had the chance to  be interviewed by  one of the top porn  bloggers in the business on the east coast  Mr. Ralph Terry. We had a great interview check it out below.

I  also  have had  some new written interviews like this one  below


Take some time and check  them out. I be having a lot to  say and I’m funny too.

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Sapphire Makes It Steamy

peek a boo breasts
peek a boo breasts

So unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last  year it’s impossible for A  Sapphire  fan to not know that I’ve been busy writing  erotic stories. In the past  month and a half  I think I’ve had 5 magazines released featuring My writing. I’ve also been writing for this one particular website, Naughty Down 4Ever.

Tearsheet  for article on webcam girls for 86 Blvd mag
Tearsheet for article on webcam girls for 86 Blvd mag

Many of the stories I write are specifically for  magazines but you can check out some of My recent publications below.

http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/814889 My hot new story " A Birthday Surprise" is on sale now in the latest issue of BADD Magazine
http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/814889 My hot new story ” A Birthday Surprise” is on sale now in the latest issue of BADD Magazine

http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/814889 My hot new story ” A Birthday Surprise” is on sale now in the September issue of BADD Magazine

BADDD Magazine story written by Sexy Sapphire
BADDD Magazine story written by Sexy Sapphire

My new story “Dear Diary I’m Such A Hoe” is in the  August Issue of BADD Magazine http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/800463

tearsheet from  NFlava Magazine  Fall issue 2014
tearsheet from NFlava Magazine Fall issue 2014

My  new story “The Bet” can be found in the  fall 2014 issue of NFlava Magazine http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/802277

Tearsheet for 86 Blvd issue 8 for Truth or Dare
Tearsheet for 86 Blvd issue 8 for Truth or Dare

My new story “Truth or Dare” can be  found in the newest  issue of 86 Blvd Magazine http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/799374

Looking Over Some of My Mag Features
Looking Over Some of My Mag Features

Don’t worry you don’t have to spend money to read ALL of My stories I promise. I write  erotic stories for Naughty Down 4Ever and have some really hot stories  you can read there for FREE. Just click one of the links below.

Roadside Loving

Cyber Sex

Just A Little Taste

Park & Ride

Don’t forget

Cover  for  Bubbleshake XXX magazine
Cover for Bubbleshake XXX magazine

Don’t forget  that  the Bubbleshake XXX Magazine with Me on the cover has been released. You can pick up a copy  at http://www.bubbleshake.com/bubble-xxx-explosion/

  • October 27th look out for the  next issue of BADD Mag featuring My hot  new foot fetish story.
  • Later this  month look  for My  new article on masturbation in 86 Blvd
cover for all nude issue of  86 blvd magazine. Features My article on Masturbation
cover for all nude issue of 86 blvd magazine. Features My article on Masturbation

Also I will be on the cover of the Holiday Issue of HP  Magazine and I wrote a hot story inside titled “Under The Mistletoe” The mag will be released November 15 but for now you can check out other issues of the magazine and follow the collection at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/magazine/434278


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The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles

Sapphire's beautiful face
Sapphire’s beautiful face

I don’t know if you were following the series before I took the old site down but  I hope that  you were. For those  of you who aren’t let Me catch you up. Earlier this year I decided to start telling My  life story on camera in a series titled “The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles”. The title is a little misleading because in actuality I’m telling the story of Melony, most of the stories I have to tell are from BEFORE I started being Sexy Sapphire. I’ve been  telling people for years, not that many believed Me, that Sapphire is the tame part of Me. I was  much wilder before I had so much to lose. So I’m telling it all, about My prostitution, the strip parties, the stupid mistakes, the lessons I’ve learned.

I’ve been telling  the  story of My life  in 40 minute or so increments in videos I’ve hosted on My DailyMotion page.  I’ve embedded the first THREE (3) videos in the series here in this post and  the links to the additional 4 are found beneath them. The next video in the series will be posted next week.

part 1


Part 2

part 3

Check out the  rest of the  videos in the series

The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles V4 – Who Are You Again?

The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles V5 – I Like Girls

The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles V6 – Because I’m Still Here

The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles V7 – School Days

I hope you  enjoy  My  stories of craziness and debauchery and  getting to know the woman behind the image of Sexy Sapphire.

In the  car looking sexy in My black mink coat
In the car looking sexy in My black mink coat
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