Wow Its The End Of The Year…

Wow this is one of  the last  blog posts of 2014, hard to believe this year is over. It blew by  so fast that looking  back trying to recap it in My head I see mainly a blur.

give em face

I’ve got My dress ready, the rental car has been reserved and My sweetie Brian got us tickets to the hottest party in the D.C. area. I’ve been to the National Harbor once before to celebrate New Years Eve and it was one of the  best celebrations I’ve ever been a part of. I’m excited to  go back. In fact I was  just at the same building, the Gaylord National Resort, for Christmas for the ICE show, which was amazing. If you’re in the area feel free to check out the website and  get your tickets too

big night dc

I’m going to tell you I bust My ass this  holiday season. I wanted Christmas to be perfect for My son because  for Me it was a special year. I share so much but there is so much that I still keep to Myself. In the last few years I’ve went through some real adversity that I didn’t discuss publicly. This is the first year I brought My son home for Christmas in years. Usually I  go to My parents home and spend the night with him there. I just couldn’t handle them this year and went out of My way to make sure My son could enjoy time home with Me. In fact it was SO important to Me because this is the first time I’ve had a home I felt comfortable bringing him home to.

clearance sale

I’ve been under the weather since the day after Christmas so Ive spent the last two days pretty much laid up on My back resting. I’ve been on the computer all day today  though dropping prices on the videos in My  online store at I’m having an end of the year clearance sale that is off the  hook with low prices. I hope you don’t miss out. All videos marked “end of the year clearance price” will be removed from the store on January 2, 2015 BUT they  will still be available in the membership area at Before I could even announce the sale here one of  My so supportive fans already dropped $150 today just hearing about the sale on facebook. Don’t miss out on the chance to download some of My hottest videos before they’re no longer available for download.

My times
My times

I’m headed back off to lie down. I’m beat  and in pain time for tea and a smoke. Sweet dreams.

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Tis The Season – One week Left Til Christmas

naughty mrs claus  fishnet and boots
naughty mrs claus fishnet and boots


There’s just one week left until Christmas and  I must admit I’m a little shocked at the gifts I’ve received so far this year…or lack there of I should say. I’m so used to My p.o. box being overflowed with gifts from you  guys and the mailman knocking on My door every day with packages that I almost forgot it was Christmas… Lmao you guys know I’m spoiled so  don’t look shocked I actually said it.

naughty mrs claus  fishnet and boots
naughty mrs claus fishnet and boots


Don’t worry though you have time to  send Me a gift. I’m accepting them up until the  end of the year. In fact, I’m offering a special holiday promotion for fans A gift of UP TO $50 will get you a hand signed Christmas card from Sexy Sapphire. Gifts over $100 will get christmas card AND 8×11 autographed photo. All gifts over $200 will get a hand signed christmas card, a 11×14 autographed poster and a special thank u video. spend or donate over $300 for My Christmas gift get the Christmas card, poster & a free 10 minute cam show. Tell Me where to mail your card EMAIL ME at

There are  3 ways to send Me a  gift:

1. You can pick an  item off My wishlist ( My address is already entered so you just need to place order) at There are some specific items on the list I want for Christmas and  I  put them on a special board on  My pinterest account at

2. You can  buy Me something and send it snail mail  to My mailing address at M. Hill P.O. Box 4485 Baltimore , Maryland 21223

3. I love gift cards,  You can send Me giftcards from The Betty Boop Superstore, Amazon, Walmart, to My email address at

Santa Sapphire smiles
Santa Sapphire smiles

I’m such a naughty girl. I hope you like My  naughty  Mrs. Claus videos. The  one above and  below are just  previews of them. I have  even longer versions in the store and membership area as well.

I will  be  dropping the prices in the  video store on Monday  December 21 and  prices will  be down until January  second. Its an end of the year  clearance sale and  some  of the videos will be permanently removed from  store and available only in My membership area

Bust it open Mrs Santa
                            Bust it open Mrs Santa


topless santa Sapphire
topless Santa Sapphire

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Happy Humpday. Who’s Turn Is It To Hump Me?

booty  tooted up

Happy hump day My love I  hope this posting finds you well. Me, I’m fighting a  cold, I’ve been laid up for days feeling icky but I still want to  be humped on. Is that naughty of Me lol ?

Grabbing My booty


I wish I could  tell you I’ve been  out having a wild and  crazy time in My absence but I haven’t I’ve been under the weather and overwhelmed. I can never lie to My real fans and you  guys know Me well by now. I usually take a winter hiatus but this year I’ve been determined to work through the  year because it is My last year  doing  so much stuff.  I’ve been determined to record new  videos,  get  cam shows  done and more  to make sure I satisfy your needs best I can.

this phat ass

I’m going hard til the end of the year though, phone sex, cam shows, photo sets, custom videos. Hope you don’t miss out on the  fun. I’ve been prepping for  Christmas and will be announcing My  annual “End of the Year” Clearance Sale in the video store next week. It will be  your  last chance to download  some of your favorite videos before I remove them from the store and make them available ONLY in the membership area at


showing off this booty


Thinking of humping  makes Me want to  share  a little of My humping with you  so  check out the  hot free video below as well as the  videos from the store too.

ooh a facial

Soo Im back with the second part to my new xxx video. Daddy and I are home and going at it like animals. He fucks my pussy real hard , so good that I ran fro it, then he stopped to play with my pussy, spreading it all wide open and showing u how creamy he made me, then he made me suck all my cream off him before bending me over and fucking me again. Before I knew it he was rolling me on my back and cumming all over my face ooooh Oooh a Facial Buy Now

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48 Hour Cyber Monday Sale

cyber monday sale-sign

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to notice yet but Im having a big Cyber Monday sale in My premium videos ( flix) area on My Rude page. I dropped the prices on 25 of My hottest and newest sex, blowjobs,and masturbation videos.

cyber monday sale-sign 2

Some of the videos on rude for RENT or SALE are Including but not limited to the titles below:

Sucking & Fucking Oh My Bought 28 times Rented 28 times
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Stop by browse through My flix almost ALL SEX AND BLOWJOB VIDEOS HAVE BEEN DISCOUNTED as well as My newer longer masturbation flix view My flix HERE

long wet blowjobMmmm we all know I love sucking dick but in this vid he had just pulled his pretty dick out my tight ass hole and I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. Watch me gag, slurp suck, drool and spit on this pretty dick as he forces it deep in my throat.

Long Wet Blow Job Buy Now

 Also in My video store at www.clips4sale.com19665 I  dropped the  prices on 20 MORE  videos  for those of you  who AREN’T members of  rude and didn’t want to join. You can buy these videos and  download Me to your computer today. Check out  the  hot videos on sale like the ones below

Riding Daddy * My Naught Subway Adventure * My Naughty Outdoor Adventure* The Masturbation Chronicles Volumes 2 & 3 * Pee Lovers Ultimate Fantasy * Give Me That Pussy  Girl * Blow Baby Blow parts 1 & 2 and MANY more.

damn we  fuck hard

Talk bout straight fucking like animals – daddy and i have gone wild and we cant wait to share. it started so innocently with me just wanting to give him a nice blowjob, but then he got excited and wanted Me to ride his face while I sucked him off. And we didn’t stop there, I climbed on that pretty dick and rode that like crazy until he came all over My ass. damn this is hot. Damn We Fuck Hard Buy Now

Sapphire Eats Pussy
                                     Sapphire Eats Pussy

 Also  I  am  taking  $10  off of all custom video  orders for the  next 48 hours.  I can make all kind of  naughty private  videos JUST FOR YOU. I can  suck My  dildo, masturbate or even  cater to your  favorite fetish. Don’t be afraid to ask. Custom  videos start at $75  for a 15-20 minute video. Customs are all at your command. I will wear your favorite colors, style of lingerie, say specific things to turn you on and even act out your  fantasies. Get you own PERSONAL piece of Sapphire. You can email Me  for customs at or just use the  form below

[contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Type Of Custom Video Wanted’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

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