showing off this booty

Happy Humpday. Who’s Turn Is It To Hump Me?

booty  tooted up

Happy hump day My love I  hope this posting finds you well. Me, I’m fighting a  cold, I’ve been laid up for days feeling icky but I still want to  be humped on. Is that naughty of Me lol ?

Grabbing My booty


I wish I could  tell you I’ve been  out having a wild and  crazy time in My absence but I haven’t I’ve been under the weather and overwhelmed. I can never lie to My real fans and you  guys know Me well by now. I usually take a winter hiatus but this year I’ve been determined to work through the  year because it is My last year  doing  so much stuff.  I’ve been determined to record new  videos,  get  cam shows  done and more  to make sure I satisfy your needs best I can.

this phat ass

I’m going hard til the end of the year though, phone sex, cam shows, photo sets, custom videos. Hope you don’t miss out on the  fun. I’ve been prepping for  Christmas and will be announcing My  annual “End of the Year” Clearance Sale in the video store next week. It will be  your  last chance to download  some of your favorite videos before I remove them from the store and make them available ONLY in the membership area at


showing off this booty


Thinking of humping  makes Me want to  share  a little of My humping with you  so  check out the  hot free video below as well as the  videos from the store too.

ooh a facial

Soo Im back with the second part to my new xxx video. Daddy and I are home and going at it like animals. He fucks my pussy real hard , so good that I ran fro it, then he stopped to play with my pussy, spreading it all wide open and showing u how creamy he made me, then he made me suck all my cream off him before bending me over and fucking me again. Before I knew it he was rolling me on my back and cumming all over my face ooooh Oooh a Facial Buy Now

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