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Happy Hump Day I Let Them Whip On Me So Many Time But I’ve Gone Back

Sexy Sapphire
Sexy Sapphire

Usually I’m so strong  but I tell you every  now and then I have My weaknesses, usually it’s a chocolate man but this time is work related. I love  all the  different  video sharing  sites but  I’d be a fool to  deny that youtube is the most popular. I’ve  tried this youtube thing but youtube and I have  fought so many times.

Sexy Sapphire  checkered thigh highs
Sexy Sapphire checkered thigh highs

I’ve had so many youtube  pages I should feel like a battered spouse just pulling youtube UP. But here I go….back again. I have things I need to get out to the masses and I need youtube  for work so  I’ve had to devise a new game plan for youtube. I will ONLY be putting My  fully dressed videos on youtube. No more thongs and  lingerie and stuff like that. I have those videos already  on Daily Motion and Vimeo so that’s fine with Me.

So I started a  new page yesterday and posted some  videos. I  recorded two brand new video  blogs and you can check them out below. I’ve added a few other  videos and will be continuously  uploading  now.

Now  don’t fret, you know I have hot  videos on daily motion  like the ones  below. Now if you go to Daily Motion and  don’t see 60 or so videos SCROLL TO BOTTOM and  turn the adult  lock off.

Sexy Sapphire Mirror Dance by bmoresjewel

and  even more hot videos like  tone one below on Vimeo

Lets Play dress Up from Sexy Sapphire on Vimeo.

kisses all
kisses all

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