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It’s Hump Day, How About A Little Mid Week Fun To Get You Through The Day


Naked in the  Shadows
Naked in the Shadows

Hey My loves,  happy hump day I hope this blog  finds you in great spirits. I Myself am  feeling  so-so today I won’t say I’m  good or bad I’m kind of in neutral and I think that’s a good place. In fact I remember when I used to strive to live in neutral. I’m happy when life is  o.k. It doesn’t have to be spectacular as long as it isn’t horrible you know.

naked in the shadows 2
naked in the shadows 2

I  think My mind is in a serious stage of transition. So much in My life is  changing daily, My friends, who I  love, how  I love, what I care about especially. I’ve been spending so much more time  than normal alone and  reclaiming  the life I used to have but  it  doesn’t mean I  don’t think about you, My fans, My  loves regularly. Today is  hump day and I  wanted to  come through and leave you some of My sweet  Sapphire style sexiness.

In the last week I have been  going to a bunch of  cultural events like a really hot open mic  event  hosted by  some very talented youth. I also attended the biggest arts  festival on the east coast, Artscape, this past weekend. I  have  many photos and videos of the events and  have already started to post some on the  talent and promotion website I started last year. You don’t have to miss out on any of it, you can keep up with THAT part of My life and what I’m up to by  bookmarking and  checking out My talent and promotion site at and don’t forget to tell a friend.

Sapphire Talent Background 2

I’ve been  doing a lot more writing  as well and have added some of the things I’ve written to My poetry and  writing blog at hopefully you will take a peek if you’re interested. I just turned in My newest story to  the editor over at BADD Magazine for this months issue which drops this weekend. the newest issue of Eighty6 Blvd is set to drop  soon too with a hot new story by Me inside.

I hope you enjoy the  photos and  videos  today and  that  the rest of the week just speeds by now that we’re over that hump.


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