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Sometimes I Got To Take My Own Advice


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I’m the friend that all My friends come to  for advice yet I  NEVER want to take My own. I  always know what I want and of course I know what’s best for Me, but like most. I go against it. When i started My  other  website, Sapphire Spotlight on Talent I  was optimistic about it. I hoped it would flourish but it didn’t I found Myself disappointed because others weren’t embracing My vision as I was.

It took some time but I was able to start  listening to My own advice and realize that it’s not about who else grasps hold of the site and what I’m doing , it’s more important that I focus on what I love. I just finished writing and article for the site on pursuing your passions. I’m including a small excerpt below but for the rest click the link and check out the full article.

follow your passion
follow your passion

Have you ever felt stuck in  the life you’ve created for yourself? Your life may be  going just fine on the surface, you’re employed, you’re managing to pay your bills, you have a wonderful spouse. But you live the same routine every day, day in and day out only daydreaming about the life you wished you lived. At some point in time we all find that we feel stuck. The question is how long will you allow yourself to  go on like that. Will you ever pursue your dreams and be real to your authentic self or will you just go on living a mediocre life?

We all have bills to play , we all have responsibilities and many of us have excuses for why we are not living the life we dream of living. Some of the biggest excuses we  give ourselves for not chasing our dreams are

  • Not enough free time
  • Wont pay enough to survive
  • Not enough outside support
  • Fear
  • It’s never been done before so it’s impossible

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just do it
just do it

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