crack is addictive

Sapphire Loves You, Will You Show Love Back?

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like it?

Hi My loves, I hope this post finds you in great spirits. I’m feeling pretty awesome today Myself. I’ve been so busy lately and I hope that you keep up with all  I have going on.

crack is addictive
crack is addictive

In case you haven’t been keeping  up with Me let Me give you a  brief  run down of what I’ve been up to.

  • My writing is  going great. I’m  doing very well as a journalist  for The Urban Twist. I’ve been asked to start  as a paid blogger for another site now, based out of Switzerland. I’m starting before the month ends. I found out this weekend I’ve having another poem published. I am excited My interview with R&B Diva LA star Brave Williams is  dropping in 86 Blvd soon.
  • I stopped offering  daily cam shows and  will only be doing  cam shows  for My special  clients. The cam with Me  page  will be removed and you can  contact Me at to arrange a  show. I will be on My LIVE CAMS for a few hours daily for the duration of April 2016 however.  Custom videos are available until the  end of 2016.
  • I am loving all the calls lately through Rude and Verified Call. My phone lines have been  blowing up. I think this is a great idea for those who want to get personal with Me. Some use it  just to chat, some for kinky fun. Whatever your pleasure I enjoy making you smile.
  • My talent promotion site is doing  well. I’m continuously making strides and gaining  new networking contacts.
pretty girl
pretty girl

On a personal  note I’ve been making  some  serious life changes. Not only am I planning to  move this summer but I have undertaken a task that has plagued me for three years. I  chipped My front tooth  3 years ago and because My other teeth were so damaged I just felt discouraged. I knew I couldn’t afford to  fix My  teeth the way I wanted and desperately needed to.

The longer I walked around with My mouth  fucked I felt more and more unlike Myself. My confidence waned. I constantly found Myself  turning  down gigs I wanted because they weren’t photo shoots where I could hide My crooked smile. Eventually I couldn’t do  the things I wanted how I wanted and  started to  hate what I COULD do. I retired.

My closest friend, seeing My  stress and knowing  what My goals for Myself and My business are, decided to help Me this year.  I sought out a dentist and  started My dental work. It’s a total of $6000 for My new smile. To date $3000 has been  paid off between Myself and one other person. I THOUGHT I had until  June to finish paying for My  new smile but found out today that I  am supposed to  finish paying it off this month. He has another $1000 for Me and I  need to come up with $2000 more.

Can you help Me reach My $2000  goal?

It’s been YEARS literally since I have asked My fans for any personal assistance  but  it  would  be greatly appreciated.  I remember when I  used to have fans shower Me  with gifts and  things I wanted or needed.  Over the years it’s slowed down and yet I’ve managed to maintain and  even  thrive.

I make no secret of the fact that I’m legally disabled and  run  My business off of My disability and what I earn from being Sexy Sapphire. I  refuse to start a Go Fund Me.  Whether I get help or not I will have My new teeth the  first week of May.  I would LOVE to not have to kill Myself  making it  happen. If you can and want to help here’s how:

toot it up
toot it up

You can donate in  various  ways, all donations are welcome. All who donate will get a thank you email. The more you donate the bigger My thank you.


$5-25  Get a personal thank you email from Sapphire with an exclusive cam  phone photo.

$30-50 Get a personal thank you email with cam phone photo and a video not on pornhub sent to your email directly.

$55-75 Get a personal thank you email and a FREE 11×17 autographed poster

$100-$150 Get a personal thank you email, a FREE video sent to your email and a FREE 10 minute cam show.

$200 + Choose 3 of the following

*personal email with exclusive cam phone photo

*autographed 11×17 poster

*15 minute cam show

*10 minute phone call

*xxx video to your inbox not seen on pornhub

*Sapphire’s worn intimates ( pair of panties, socks, worn lingerie etc. )

There’s a way for everyone to contribute and get a special piece of Sapphire while they’re at it. You can donate through Square by clicking HERE$SexySapphire/$SexySapphire/

put money directly in My  bank account$SexySapphire/ 

You can also  use the donate buttons in the right hand side bar. PLEASE REMEMBER TO EMAIL ME AT to let Me know  you donated and in what amount so I can verify and  send your thank you.

I see you
I see you

I got a new video  for you My loves.


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