I Need the Dust Knocked Off My Ass. I Need A New Sex Partner Bad.

Hey  My loves, I hope this  blog post find you in great spirits. I Myself, am horny as fuck. My sex life is severely fucked right now and I’m almost at My  breaking point. I got to this weird place in life a while back where I have to actually like the person to enjoy having sex with them. Maybe after actually falling in love I have feelings or something now. What I DO know, is that I have to be mentally stimulated and and physically turned on by a guy to get off these days.

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I  truly miss having good, exciting sex. I mean sweat drenching, hair pulling, back scratching, fuck Me in every position and all over the house type sex. I mean I miss having a guy to share fetishes with. More importantly I miss having a man around who’s not afraid to manhandle Me.  You can’t get that when you just fucking a  guy here and there, there’s no real connection. In order  for Me to be free and  freaky as I want to be, there has to be a real connection.


As many know, I identify as a switch.  While I  thoroughly enjoy dominating and degrading white men, I want nothing more  than to submit to a strong Black King. It’s My dream, it’s been way to long. I need a man who can control Me, please Me and make Me his personal slut.

I cut off My lovers really. I kept 3 and all of them are unsatisfying. Most days I choose to just masturbate and I barely enjoy that. One has a huge dick and fucks Me good but we have no connection. I don’t talk to him on the phone and when he’s here we smoke, watch tv and fuck. We’ve been doing this for 10 years now. The other, at least we talk when he’s around. There’s some mental stimulation and the sex is good but we have no real connection. I  don’t talk to him, we don;t hang out. We’ve been doing this for 6 years. The third, I really like, we have a great relationship and talk like 5 days a week. We go out on dates and all, I’ve been seeing him on and off for 13 years, steadily the last 7 years. The ONLY problem is his dick is too small. The sexual experience is great, but the sex itself is only so-so.


I’m used to great sex.  Being able to enjoy My time only with the  guy with the smallest dick SUCKS.

You know what’s worse? They’re all pussies lmao. They all know I give  a serious blow job, they all eat My pussy and  I  never  suck their dicks. The shit is ridiculous. I’d like to suck their dicks, but the connection just isn’t there that makes Me want to suck it. I love sucking dick, I miss it. I just either have to really like the guy or be dominated and well….it’s not happening.

My sex life sucks. I masturbate too much and lately I’m doing it and wondering why at the same damn time. I want to be fucked, I want to be gagged. I want to be with  a man who knows all My kinky fetishes and  caters to them.


I don’t even meet people these days though, people are such weirdos. I miss the days before I was so popular and was just a freak. I swear My sex life was so serious, I fucked who I wanted when I wanted. Sometimes two and three guys a day.

Damn I miss My hoe days.

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What’s Your Favorite Porn Genre? Want To Know Mine?


Let’s talk porn this morning. Everyone watches it  right? In fact, today it is easier than ever to  watch  quality porn. Hell you can  watch  for 24 hours straight if you  have the stamina.

I’m  old school so  I remember  when  porn  only came on  VHS. I watched this  great documentary on  Netflix last  year that celebrated the  best pornos ever made and a lot of them went back to when  porn was only  done on  the 8mm camera and  in little slides.  Something that used to be  so taboo has  truly  now become mainstream.

open wide
open wide

These days,  porn stars are not only  admired and celebrated but  their given awards. You could give the  best blowjob of the year and get a  trophy for it,  what a  job.

I used to tell people I  don’t really watch porn, but that’s a lie. We all watch porn.  The problem was I was so embarrassed by what type of porn I watched. I felt I had to keep it to Myself, lest I be judged.


I watch porn not as  often as many and not even as often as I masturbate. Just  every now and again but when I  do watch, I like a certain type of porn. Myself, I prefer  either a  Black  man on white  chick gang bang or   gay porn. I know it sounds bad but there is something  so appealing in the savagery illustrated when a  group of  hulking  strong  Black men with huge cocks destroy a  lily white  bitch with their  massive  tools. It HAS to be savage. I have  put on a few pornos where the white  girl was loving that BBC and  that shit made Me mad. I am not watching a gang bang  video for a girl to lie there like a happy whore. Nor do I want to see her smiling as  each cock is stuffed into her.

I like to watch a  gang bang where the  actress either  misunderstood what she was  signing up, just wasn’t ready or  is a hell of an actress and  appears mortified at what’s happening. The worst thing you can show Me  porn wise is a white chick happily  gargling on a bunch of Black dick. That BLOWS Me lol ( no pun intended.)

As far as  gay porn I’m kinda the same way. I love watching guys who  don’t know they’re being filmed. The ones who think they  doing some Down Low type shit but the  tranny or other gay due  got the camera rolling.

I don’t know why I like  gay porn  but I tell you, before I ever started watching it on tape or online I used to watch in person  regularly. I used to invite My friends over and watch them  freak off live. it’s always been one of My favorite past times to  watch live sex shows. hell I started giving them when I was in My teens Myself. I had this one homegirl named Nay and Me and My  guys would  fuck in her  room often. She kept  a sheet  she called the “secretion sheet” so we wouldn’t get nut all over her bed and floor lol

Check out my  Pornhub  videos here.

Ah, the  good ol days. Do you watch porn? If so whats your favorite type? How do you watch, online or dvd?


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