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My Work Has Appeared In 4 Magazine Issues In The last 3 Weeks.

I love My transition into a writer. It’s been so therapeutic for Me to be able to do all of My ranting and venting plus philosophizing about life, in writing.  It’s hard to believe how much My writing as a profession has progressed since 2012 when I started writing for the first magazine.

Eighty6 Blvd

In the last three weeks, My work has been featured in four magazine issues. My writing, articles and erotic stories, has appeared in three magazines. I was interviewed for a fourth magazine about My modeling and writing. I’ve  been getting My write on. I wonder how many of you read these sexy magazines full of hot models I write for.

Badd Magazine

I’m excited. I’ve been offered two more paid magazine columnist positions in the last 2 weeks. Not big money but respect, not being asked to write or work for free, is what matters.  I’ll take all paid assignments though and keep building My writing resume. Soon I’ll be getting high paying writing jobs and all the smaller gigs will be worth it.

Badd Urban Dolls Magazine

I’m approaching 200 articles written for The Urban Twist now. I love this.

Kings Aces Magazine

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