Valentine’s Day Sucks When You’re Not In Love.

I’m so glad the last of these gift giving holidays is coming up for a while. Here we are just days away from Valentine’s Day and again I find Myself saying “Oh who cares” while at the same time screaming inside “why doesn’t anyone care?” Don’t ask, it’s weird being a  girl.


The problem is I have more than enough options and yet, none of them are appealing to Me. Even worse, I’ve become extremely disillusioned with what I DO have. its no longer fun nor satisfying.  As usual I  haven’t been asked out  for Valentine’s Day, not by some new  guy who is interested in Me, nor by one of the 4 guys I’ve been fucking this year.


I know what to  expect from them all for Valentine’s Day, the same thing they got Me for Christmas or My birthday, nothing. Only one of them  treats Me properly with dates and the other three I started strictly sexual relationships with and have maintained it that way for years. One of them I’ve been sleeping with for 10 years and I don’t even know his last name.


I did this on purpose, developed sexual relationships with men I had no chance of  falling for. I was at a  point in life where the idea of love and  emotions and someone who was looking for more than sex, wasn’t working for Me. I really needed My  freedom at the time, to be Myself, to  grow My businesses and  to figure out exactly who I am.


I’m different now, I know who I am and what I want. Even if I don’t want a stable relationship, which I’m not totally against. I no longer want to seep with men I have no chance of falling for. Three of My four lovers are just men I  keep around because they eat good pussy and have huge dicks. When I’m extremely horny after being on one of My “fuck men” kicks, it’s  always been nice to know one of them will make time to come fuck Me like an animal.


Lately when I  sleep with them I hate Myself afterwards because I know I can do better. Multiple times I  have  cut them all off and  each time I go back because the sex is so damn good. But I think this year, it’s time to put My foot down with Myself and give Myself what I deserve, the  chance to meet some men I LIKE.


So for Valentine’s day I’m giving Myself a real gift, the freedom to stop turning down every man I  meet. I MIGHT  even pay attention to one I meet online. But  for sure, I’m telling My lovers that I’m through with all but one of them. I’m keeping the one who I actually enjoy, who I go out with and  actually talk to five days a week. The other  guys I’m fucking, I only speak to when I’m ready to fuck. No actual conversation.


It’s a new year and like in every other aspect of My life, I’m going for better than I have. I’m not expecting any gifts this year but I DID add some new items to My wish list on Amazon.  If you wanna  make My  day, feel free to  send Me something.  Visit My  Wishlist > http://a.co/39THgCx <  I love Amazon gift cards too, you can send them to sapphirethesexyone@gmail.com. Purchase gift cards

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