Are Men Trying to Chase Me Off? I Don’t Think I Can Do This Meet New People Thing.

OMG  how  do you people date or  even meet  people in this society? People are weird and men, men  have  gotten way too creepy for Me. I KNOW I  need a new sex partner, but at this rate I’ll be fucking the same small dick forever.


Don’t get Me  wrong, while it’s small, it’s enjoyable and  the  sexual experience in itself makes up for any lack of size. I just cut off three lovers  with eggplant dicks and  kept the smaller one because I like him .

 I love  fucking  the big  dick  dudes but these  days it’s all they ave going for themselves. I can remember years ago when a  big  dick dude didn’t even need money to impress Me. He just had to have great convo, free time, great sex and  it always was a plus if he cooked and cleaned. I’ve always had My own place and worked so I really just wanted a  dude to add to My life.

These days, just like blondes with big tits and nothing  between their ears, that’s how i look at  most big dick men I meet.  They come to the table with no real conversation, they want to chill int he house, they don’t have time or the inclination, to build any real connection.


Hell foreplay sucks. How  can you enjoy  sex  that consists of nothing but oral and penetration over and over again? I’m a freak, I enjoy weird things, things that  you can’t do with a guy you picked up yesterday. Things you can only do with someone you have built trust with, someone you  feel safe with. I’m telling you It’s like I’m never going to have the kind of sex I crave.

I met a real loser yesterday. I was so happy to finally meet an age appropriate ( meaning older than me but not an old man) professional  Black man who came off as a gentleman but made it clear he was also a freak. We talked on the phone I enjoyed him, we  conversed and laugh. I was attracted to his southern charm and the fact that he had kids close to My age but carried his age well. ( I tend to like a daddy) But I digress. He seemed the perfect gentleman and we agreed to meet to just talk, because I’m a lady, i don’t care how much of a freak I am that comes first. Once we met, that whole gentleman thing was GONE. He was immediately bothered by the fact that i wore jeans to have a conversation. he actually said he would have preferred I wore a skirt so he could see My twat I reminded him that it was all over My profile and he didn’t need to pretend to be a gentleman and meet Me for that.

He then proceeded to invite Me to dinner and his home the following day, a home more than a hour from Mine as if I’m stupid. When I flat out asked his intentions he made them clear he wanted to have unprotected sex with Me which included Me swallowing. All I could do was laugh at his stupidity. I left when he actually dropped the charade, realizing I was time enough for him and not impressed by his fancy car, big house and all the money he talked about spending on Me. He said ” Do you think I came down here really just to talk.”


Know why this is horrible? I don’t date, in the last year I’ve been on one. I have one sex partner who does not satisfy Me but I can’t even find a man who ALLOWS Me to like him enough to want to sleep with him and try something new.

DON’T get Me wrong, I’m not necessarily looking for love and commitment ( bc I’m not opposed to married men or sharing. I’m a free spirit) but indeed a connection. If I want to hop in bed with some random guy I can pick him on the street not have them pick Me. I’m a stone cold freak and don’t deny it, however, as a writer, entrepreneur, and public figure I’m also cautious about who I interact with. What happened to people hanging out, talking and getting to know each other. I have fetishes that need attending to. I can get sex ANYWHERE, but how can I get into My fetishes with someone I barely know, or have not built a comfort level with?


I am very well aware that men are different these days. I raised Myself different than to accept the things that men call acceptable these days. No one courts. No one wants to actually talk to a person. It is so hard to even WANT to interact with men these days.

It’s liable to be another year before I even look at a new man. You can’t even talk to an older one these days they worse than these young ones. What happened to real men?

I’ll tell you what, it is hard when you ONLY date and sleep with  Black men and they  come up so fucking short. I’m going to  start looking at members of other oppressed nations  soon.

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