I'm so gorgeous

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Beachfront Sapphire
                Sapphire relaxing on the beach


Age 33 ** Ht. 5’0″ ** Wt 110lbs Measurements** 36C-27-40 ** Hometown Baltimore, MD


Solo Video ** Webcam shows ** Queefing ** Phone Sex ** Foot Fetish ** BDSM ** Writer

I’m very active all over the internet check out all of My hot xxx AND model photos, dancing, booty & teasing videos, I have video blogs, spoken word and poetry videos as well. Not only am I a model featured in over 30 magazine issues, I’m a former amateur adult starlet, now a webcam girl, phone sex operator and writer of erotica for magazines and more. I love to show off My feet and having them spoiled and worshiped too.

I'm so gorgeous
                    I’m so gorgeous aren’t I?


More About Bmores Hidden Jewel

Growing up Sexy Sapphire had one main ambition, to be famous. She never knew how or if she would accomplish that dream but she never gave up on it and today that dream is becoming reality. Her mother said she should become and actress because she loved to tell stories and pretend, Sapphire thought it would be for her writing if not acting, turns out its both. Sapphire has blended her love for acting, writing and creativity into the persona you have grown to love as Sexy Sapphire, Bmore’s Hidden Jewel.

Leaving corporate America and her job as an administrative assistant and jumping into the modeling business at the age of 25, Sapphire had no clue what she was doing or any knowledge of the modeling field. Since then she has worked hard learning the game and making herself a recognizable name as an urban/web model. When asked, Sapphire will tell you she has no interest in going mainstream, preferring instead to dominate the internet. Her modeling has afforded her the opportunities to travel outside of the Maryland area, make great business contacts and moves and grow steadily each year as Sapphire

After modeling for a while Sapphire was drawn to what she calls “a more naughty calling”, amateur porn and cam work. It was with webcamming Sapphire found her true passion, making others happy. Sapphire loves to perform on cam and has done hundreds of one on one shows as well as may memorable group show and online videos. In 2010 Sapphire decided that the amateur porn wasn’t for her and announced that from then on she would only be recording softcore, solo and fetish videos. No more hardcore porn, to the sadness of many she has kept her word.

After retiring from amateur porn Sapphire took the time to focus on her next goal, to advance her writing skills. Sapphire has long since been a poet and spoken word artist but in 2011 Sapphire started writing erotic stories as well. Her writing created a buzz and with her stories and mix of poetry and spoken word videos people started to notice she was a talented writer. In 2012 Sapphire had her first story published in print and as of May 2013 has now had many published. That propelled her writing even further, causing Sapphire to start a poetry and writing blog for her fans. Since then she has been offered quite a few opportunities to showcase her writing talents and is actively pursuing them. Sapphire is currently working on a book of short erotic stories to be released on Amazon kindle.

Music, models and porn have become Sapphire’s way of life. Although she is much more laid back and less eager to be the star, Sapphire continues to work hard in the entertainment field. She has discovered that she has a love of promoting and connecting talent. She promotes music, models and porn and loves to watch others succeed knowing she had a hand in it. Never one to be competitive, Sapphire has featured some of the hottest talent on her site, plays music from independent artists on her sites and in promo videos, interviews talent and profiles independent and up and coming business ventures. From October 2012 until February 2013 Sapphire was co-host of “Real Talk Uncut” a weekly radio show focused on “love sex & relationships” on WPB Radio based in Baltimore, MD

Sapphire considers herself a “Jill of all trades” as a model, promoter, writer, cam girl, web developer etc all self taught, she has every reason to see herself as so.

The many faces of Sapphire
          There are many faces of Sapphire

Check out My poetry and writing blog at http://sapphirethesexyone.tumblr.com


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beautiful Sapphire
Beautiful Sapphire

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