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Non-Traditional Dating is the Only Way for Me.



booty up

It’s 2017 and it the way we date and mate has changed dramatically over the years. Increasingly, people are dating in non-traditional manners. From booty calls to side pieces, the traditional method of courting seems to be thrown to the wayside in many cases.

I’ve been single now for the greater part of the last seven years. In this time, I have continued to casually date in a very non-traditional format. I look at myself as polyamorous, I’ve never felt the need to restrict myself to one lover or mate.  At one time in my life, I shared an apartment with my two lovers, one male and the other female. I found it to be a happy and peaceful way of life. You should have seen my stepmom’s face when I’d bring them both to family events.

When I picture my dream life, I see myself and multiple mates sharing a home with our children. I envision a happy community family unit as in the motherland.

That’s just me though.

White Queen

I feel totally disconnected to many of the traditions and time-honored rituals involved in dating. We’ve totally evolved from a time in history when women were essentially sold into marriage (father chose husband, dowry paid) or men asked a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, to a time in history when two women can marry and have or adopt a child without anyone batting an eye.

We live in an era where even the traditional form of courting has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of a man calling up a woman and asking her out in advance, showing up with flowers or candy, opening doors and paying for the date. That used to be automatic. These days it’s about Netflix and chill, men and women face time and call it courting, dates are dutch treat and he still gets laid at the end of the night, somehow.

Everything has changed.

The freedom to be myself and date as I feel, not as I’m told has afforded me the opportunity to try many styles of dating. I’ve been in the following types of relationship:

  • Single with one lover
  • Single with multiple lovers
  • Dating one guy but having a girlfriend as well
  • Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby
  • Long Distance
  • Lesbian

I have literally tried everything except traditional dating in the last 10 years. It has been over a decade since I have said to a guy, “I love you and only you.” Truthfully, I have a hard time believing I will ever say those words again. It goes against everything I feel inside. My love is abundant, I want to share it with many people, but love does not mean sex, and sex does not mean love. If I mentally and emotionally connect to someone else, I want to nurture that. I’d want my partner to nurture those relationships in their life without fear of losing me.

I envy those with open sexual relationship but are committed to loving each other. It seems the most natural way of dating and connecting with someone. I’m a firm believer that sex is purely a physical act that happens based off of attraction, pheromones and natural body reactions. It’s beautiful when your partner gives you the freedom to sleep with and connect to others without jealousy and fear of punishment

Keep in mind that doesn’t mean run around screwing everything you can like a dog. I mean genuine connections where your body and mind have already made decisions without you

Sex rarely means love; how else could we explain all of these fatherless children? People are sleeping with each other for all kinds of reasons, love being low on the list. In fact, back in the day, sex was the reason many married, not love. It was frowned upon by our deeply religious society to have sex before marriage.

Just as religions in America have diversified more than ever, so have the ways we date. It seems as if nothing is taboo anymore. The terms “sister wives” “cougar” and “side piece” may as well be added to the dictionary they’ve become so common. Thanks to reality television, those who were ignorant of these lifestyles, now have the opportunity to take a peek into the way others live from the comfort of their living rooms.

As humans, have things that happen to our bodies physically that we have little to no control over. Trying to stifle these feelings and natural reactions because society says what comes natural, must be wrong, it can’t be beneficial to us as a whole. You can’t pretend to be something you’re not and still be happy. Look at Bruce Jenner, trapped for years in the image he was supposed to portray until finally one day he had to be free.

That’s why I think anyone who is getting married should write their own vows. It makes no sense to stand in front of your friends and family and lie to the person you love. Why tell this person that they will be all you want for the next 30, 40, 60 years? Do you want the same meal for dinner daily? Trust me, everything gets old.

I’ll be in open relationships for the rest of my life. Even if I’m head over heels in love with someone ( like I am about the guy I’m seeing now), I know that in the next 30 or 40 years I’m going to get an itch they can’t scratch.

Non-traditional styles of dating aren’t for everyone, but neither is traditional dating as we can see from how little it actually happens. Are you single or booed up? How did you meet your mate? Did you court traditionally or hook u until you realized you were in a relationship?

by the water

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Are Men Trying to Chase Me Off? I Don’t Think I Can Do This Meet New People Thing.

OMG  how  do you people date or  even meet  people in this society? People are weird and men, men  have  gotten way too creepy for Me. I KNOW I  need a new sex partner, but at this rate I’ll be fucking the same small dick forever.


Don’t get Me  wrong, while it’s small, it’s enjoyable and  the  sexual experience in itself makes up for any lack of size. I just cut off three lovers  with eggplant dicks and  kept the smaller one because I like him .

 I love  fucking  the big  dick  dudes but these  days it’s all they ave going for themselves. I can remember years ago when a  big  dick dude didn’t even need money to impress Me. He just had to have great convo, free time, great sex and  it always was a plus if he cooked and cleaned. I’ve always had My own place and worked so I really just wanted a  dude to add to My life.

These days, just like blondes with big tits and nothing  between their ears, that’s how i look at  most big dick men I meet.  They come to the table with no real conversation, they want to chill int he house, they don’t have time or the inclination, to build any real connection.


Hell foreplay sucks. How  can you enjoy  sex  that consists of nothing but oral and penetration over and over again? I’m a freak, I enjoy weird things, things that  you can’t do with a guy you picked up yesterday. Things you can only do with someone you have built trust with, someone you  feel safe with. I’m telling you It’s like I’m never going to have the kind of sex I crave.

I met a real loser yesterday. I was so happy to finally meet an age appropriate ( meaning older than me but not an old man) professional  Black man who came off as a gentleman but made it clear he was also a freak. We talked on the phone I enjoyed him, we  conversed and laugh. I was attracted to his southern charm and the fact that he had kids close to My age but carried his age well. ( I tend to like a daddy) But I digress. He seemed the perfect gentleman and we agreed to meet to just talk, because I’m a lady, i don’t care how much of a freak I am that comes first. Once we met, that whole gentleman thing was GONE. He was immediately bothered by the fact that i wore jeans to have a conversation. he actually said he would have preferred I wore a skirt so he could see My twat I reminded him that it was all over My profile and he didn’t need to pretend to be a gentleman and meet Me for that.

He then proceeded to invite Me to dinner and his home the following day, a home more than a hour from Mine as if I’m stupid. When I flat out asked his intentions he made them clear he wanted to have unprotected sex with Me which included Me swallowing. All I could do was laugh at his stupidity. I left when he actually dropped the charade, realizing I was time enough for him and not impressed by his fancy car, big house and all the money he talked about spending on Me. He said ” Do you think I came down here really just to talk.”


Know why this is horrible? I don’t date, in the last year I’ve been on one. I have one sex partner who does not satisfy Me but I can’t even find a man who ALLOWS Me to like him enough to want to sleep with him and try something new.

DON’T get Me wrong, I’m not necessarily looking for love and commitment ( bc I’m not opposed to married men or sharing. I’m a free spirit) but indeed a connection. If I want to hop in bed with some random guy I can pick him on the street not have them pick Me. I’m a stone cold freak and don’t deny it, however, as a writer, entrepreneur, and public figure I’m also cautious about who I interact with. What happened to people hanging out, talking and getting to know each other. I have fetishes that need attending to. I can get sex ANYWHERE, but how can I get into My fetishes with someone I barely know, or have not built a comfort level with?


I am very well aware that men are different these days. I raised Myself different than to accept the things that men call acceptable these days. No one courts. No one wants to actually talk to a person. It is so hard to even WANT to interact with men these days.

It’s liable to be another year before I even look at a new man. You can’t even talk to an older one these days they worse than these young ones. What happened to real men?

I’ll tell you what, it is hard when you ONLY date and sleep with  Black men and they  come up so fucking short. I’m going to  start looking at members of other oppressed nations  soon.

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Valentine’s Day Sucks When You’re Not In Love.

I’m so glad the last of these gift giving holidays is coming up for a while. Here we are just days away from Valentine’s Day and again I find Myself saying “Oh who cares” while at the same time screaming inside “why doesn’t anyone care?” Don’t ask, it’s weird being a  girl.


The problem is I have more than enough options and yet, none of them are appealing to Me. Even worse, I’ve become extremely disillusioned with what I DO have. its no longer fun nor satisfying.  As usual I  haven’t been asked out  for Valentine’s Day, not by some new  guy who is interested in Me, nor by one of the 4 guys I’ve been fucking this year.


I know what to  expect from them all for Valentine’s Day, the same thing they got Me for Christmas or My birthday, nothing. Only one of them  treats Me properly with dates and the other three I started strictly sexual relationships with and have maintained it that way for years. One of them I’ve been sleeping with for 10 years and I don’t even know his last name.


I did this on purpose, developed sexual relationships with men I had no chance of  falling for. I was at a  point in life where the idea of love and  emotions and someone who was looking for more than sex, wasn’t working for Me. I really needed My  freedom at the time, to be Myself, to  grow My businesses and  to figure out exactly who I am.


I’m different now, I know who I am and what I want. Even if I don’t want a stable relationship, which I’m not totally against. I no longer want to seep with men I have no chance of falling for. Three of My four lovers are just men I  keep around because they eat good pussy and have huge dicks. When I’m extremely horny after being on one of My “fuck men” kicks, it’s  always been nice to know one of them will make time to come fuck Me like an animal.


Lately when I  sleep with them I hate Myself afterwards because I know I can do better. Multiple times I  have  cut them all off and  each time I go back because the sex is so damn good. But I think this year, it’s time to put My foot down with Myself and give Myself what I deserve, the  chance to meet some men I LIKE.


So for Valentine’s day I’m giving Myself a real gift, the freedom to stop turning down every man I  meet. I MIGHT  even pay attention to one I meet online. But  for sure, I’m telling My lovers that I’m through with all but one of them. I’m keeping the one who I actually enjoy, who I go out with and  actually talk to five days a week. The other  guys I’m fucking, I only speak to when I’m ready to fuck. No actual conversation.


It’s a new year and like in every other aspect of My life, I’m going for better than I have. I’m not expecting any gifts this year but I DID add some new items to My wish list on Amazon.  If you wanna  make My  day, feel free to  send Me something.  Visit My  Wishlist > <  I love Amazon gift cards too, you can send them to Purchase gift cards

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I Need the Dust Knocked Off My Ass. I Need A New Sex Partner Bad.

Hey  My loves, I hope this  blog post find you in great spirits. I Myself, am horny as fuck. My sex life is severely fucked right now and I’m almost at My  breaking point. I got to this weird place in life a while back where I have to actually like the person to enjoy having sex with them. Maybe after actually falling in love I have feelings or something now. What I DO know, is that I have to be mentally stimulated and and physically turned on by a guy to get off these days.

Picture 046

I  truly miss having good, exciting sex. I mean sweat drenching, hair pulling, back scratching, fuck Me in every position and all over the house type sex. I mean I miss having a guy to share fetishes with. More importantly I miss having a man around who’s not afraid to manhandle Me.  You can’t get that when you just fucking a  guy here and there, there’s no real connection. In order  for Me to be free and  freaky as I want to be, there has to be a real connection.


As many know, I identify as a switch.  While I  thoroughly enjoy dominating and degrading white men, I want nothing more  than to submit to a strong Black King. It’s My dream, it’s been way to long. I need a man who can control Me, please Me and make Me his personal slut.

I cut off My lovers really. I kept 3 and all of them are unsatisfying. Most days I choose to just masturbate and I barely enjoy that. One has a huge dick and fucks Me good but we have no connection. I don’t talk to him on the phone and when he’s here we smoke, watch tv and fuck. We’ve been doing this for 10 years now. The other, at least we talk when he’s around. There’s some mental stimulation and the sex is good but we have no real connection. I  don’t talk to him, we don;t hang out. We’ve been doing this for 6 years. The third, I really like, we have a great relationship and talk like 5 days a week. We go out on dates and all, I’ve been seeing him on and off for 13 years, steadily the last 7 years. The ONLY problem is his dick is too small. The sexual experience is great, but the sex itself is only so-so.


I’m used to great sex.  Being able to enjoy My time only with the  guy with the smallest dick SUCKS.

You know what’s worse? They’re all pussies lmao. They all know I give  a serious blow job, they all eat My pussy and  I  never  suck their dicks. The shit is ridiculous. I’d like to suck their dicks, but the connection just isn’t there that makes Me want to suck it. I love sucking dick, I miss it. I just either have to really like the guy or be dominated and well….it’s not happening.

My sex life sucks. I masturbate too much and lately I’m doing it and wondering why at the same damn time. I want to be fucked, I want to be gagged. I want to be with  a man who knows all My kinky fetishes and  caters to them.


I don’t even meet people these days though, people are such weirdos. I miss the days before I was so popular and was just a freak. I swear My sex life was so serious, I fucked who I wanted when I wanted. Sometimes two and three guys a day.

Damn I miss My hoe days.

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What’s Your Favorite Porn Genre? Want To Know Mine?


Let’s talk porn this morning. Everyone watches it  right? In fact, today it is easier than ever to  watch  quality porn. Hell you can  watch  for 24 hours straight if you  have the stamina.

I’m  old school so  I remember  when  porn  only came on  VHS. I watched this  great documentary on  Netflix last  year that celebrated the  best pornos ever made and a lot of them went back to when  porn was only  done on  the 8mm camera and  in little slides.  Something that used to be  so taboo has  truly  now become mainstream.

open wide
open wide

These days,  porn stars are not only  admired and celebrated but  their given awards. You could give the  best blowjob of the year and get a  trophy for it,  what a  job.

I used to tell people I  don’t really watch porn, but that’s a lie. We all watch porn.  The problem was I was so embarrassed by what type of porn I watched. I felt I had to keep it to Myself, lest I be judged.


I watch porn not as  often as many and not even as often as I masturbate. Just  every now and again but when I  do watch, I like a certain type of porn. Myself, I prefer  either a  Black  man on white  chick gang bang or   gay porn. I know it sounds bad but there is something  so appealing in the savagery illustrated when a  group of  hulking  strong  Black men with huge cocks destroy a  lily white  bitch with their  massive  tools. It HAS to be savage. I have  put on a few pornos where the white  girl was loving that BBC and  that shit made Me mad. I am not watching a gang bang  video for a girl to lie there like a happy whore. Nor do I want to see her smiling as  each cock is stuffed into her.

I like to watch a  gang bang where the  actress either  misunderstood what she was  signing up, just wasn’t ready or  is a hell of an actress and  appears mortified at what’s happening. The worst thing you can show Me  porn wise is a white chick happily  gargling on a bunch of Black dick. That BLOWS Me lol ( no pun intended.)

As far as  gay porn I’m kinda the same way. I love watching guys who  don’t know they’re being filmed. The ones who think they  doing some Down Low type shit but the  tranny or other gay due  got the camera rolling.

I don’t know why I like  gay porn  but I tell you, before I ever started watching it on tape or online I used to watch in person  regularly. I used to invite My friends over and watch them  freak off live. it’s always been one of My favorite past times to  watch live sex shows. hell I started giving them when I was in My teens Myself. I had this one homegirl named Nay and Me and My  guys would  fuck in her  room often. She kept  a sheet  she called the “secretion sheet” so we wouldn’t get nut all over her bed and floor lol

Check out my  Pornhub  videos here.

Ah, the  good ol days. Do you watch porn? If so whats your favorite type? How do you watch, online or dvd?


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There’s Freedom In Riding The Subway Naked. Today I Returned To The Scene Of The Crime.



I’m just getting around to  posting here but if you follow Me on  social media  you’ve seen sneak peeks of My latest risque’ photo shoot.  Last month I  took on the most daring shoot I’ve ever taken on. Could I pull off taking photos on the  subway in various stages of dress? Would we really be able to pull of the shot we wanted most, ass naked on the escalator?

on the train relaxing
on the train relaxing

We did that shit man, I killed this shoot.

Headed Out
Headed Out

Today I returned to the scene of the crime wearing the same shirt and a smile. I walked through the station , head held high as I thought about My train ride and how I left naked. I wondered if the  station attendant had seen the video surveillance footage that must exist of Me on the train and in the station. I sat patiently waiting for the train savoring the memories and as I left I was wet. Horny, even, just at the thought of what we had pulled off.

See You Later
See You Later
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My Birthday Weekend Was Crazy. The Party, The BDSM, The Casino & More.

Happy Birthday Sapphire
Happy Birthday Sapphire

Despite a rough start I had a great birthday weekend and start to My 35th year. I may not have a lot of friends but I do have a few true ones who always show up when I need them.

I started My birthday depressed, the two days before I spent most of the day crying and reflecting on My loneliness from being single. I had no real plans for My actual birthday which was Thursday, except hitting the casino in the evening. I woke depressed, saw My shrink and came home to work and get fucked up alone. Then I hit the casino with a guy I’ve been texting for two years but never met. He was just as much of a bore in person as he was via text. I played the slot machines while he drank at the bar.

pretty girl
pretty girl

When I got home My real celebration began, My lover had cleared his schedule so he could come give me some birthday dick and spend the night. He teased that he had started to set up a gang bang for Me because he remembered how bad I had wanted one last year. He ate My pussy and ass in every damn room except the bathroom. Fucked Me bent over the kitchen sink and then took Me to the bed to finish Me off. He’s so aggressive, I love it. He fucks and controls Me just right. I really love how he isn’t afraid to violate My asshole while I beg for mercy. I’d never say no to him though. I ended up sucking the nut out and he gave Me a huge fucking facial. It’s been way too long since I caught a load to the face. I loved it.

party girl
party girl

Friday I spent most of the day working I think( I honestly can’t remember it was such a long weekend. But Friday night My bestie came up from DC to start OUR celebration. We got high, drank vodka and played card and monopoly until 7 a.m. After a quick breakfast run we caught some zz’s. When we got up Saturday we hit the casino again, I had caught the bug and he had never been to Maryland Live. After losing all our money we hit the all you can eat seafood buffet and ate until we both looked pregnant.

Back at the house it was time to smoke and drink a little more before we both took a nap. My party was at Oxygen Saturday night. We hit the club around 11 and I was looking damn good. We had a blast at the party, one of My model friends came down with her fiancee. My boss from The Urban Twist came and a few other friends. The dj was rocking, the club was live. It was a good night and we had VIP going crazy.


Sunday I had a session lined up and dipped off to go punish one of My subs who has been misbehaving. It was his first punishment and though he feels he was a huge disappointment to Me, it could not have went better for Me. I made him strip naked and wait for Me, anticipating My next steps. Made the mf crawl across the floor for Me, sexily. Once there, I enjoyed the pleasure of the fear in his eyes as the tip of My dick hung over his mouth. He fought with Me, refusing to open his lips to let Me in. I was thrilled to force those virgin lips open and watch them encircle the head of My purple cock.

He looked at Me like he wanted to cry and I laughed. I instructed him on how to suck Me properly. The fucker was so traumatized he just couldn’t do it. I beat him with the whip over My shoulder and forced him to keep trying. He couldn’t please Me, I told him My dick was soft and gave him an ultimatum, give Me all the cash on you plus the $200 worth of weed I saw you bring in here and I will let you off for the day. Otherwise get the fuck out of My hotel room and don’t contact Me for 2 weeks. He couldn’t handle the thought of not communicating with Me that long and gave Me what I asked. So not only did I get to fuck his virgin mouth but I also got his money and weed. Fool.

took his shit
took his shit

I went back home and whipped on My bestie in monopoly and cards again. We played and watched movies until late. By Monday I was exhausted and could barely walk but it was My dad’s birthday. I grabbed some drinks and headed up to his house to celebrate with him. Great birthday weekend. I can’t wait until next year.

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I Just Love My New Look. Had My First Photo Shoot In Over A Year.

It’s been almost  2 years since I’ve stepped in front of a photographers camera and I was so nervous  last week when I finally did. Friday I  met with one of  My  former “Official” Sexy Sapphire photographers and  we  made magic.

Playfully Pink
Playfully Pink

Once I was  on set it was like “Oh God” How am I going to  do this? After a little vodka and a few hits of My smoke and I was able to  get My mindset right.  I wanted to go for sexy and playful  but not raunchy.  I  love being naked so taking nude pics is something I still want to do as long as it’s tasteful.

Playfully erotic
Playfully erotic

I did  take some  very  hot topless shots but none fully nude. I took a FEW back shots but not as many as I would have before. I don’t need a bunch of  ass pics I have a huuuuuge  collection of pics of My ass already lol.

I See You
I See You

Not only am I excited about My return to the camera but  also  that I’m gearing up for My first trip to the nude beach for the summer. Damn I miss running naked along the beach and  frolicking in the  ocean as the waves  lap at My bare pussy.  This  weekend  I’m hitting the beach and  I won’t  be so sun burned this time lol. I  have a tent so i can relax in the  sun and not be bothered.

I’ve already been  getting  calls and emails to  book me for shoots again. I have seen a few gigs I  might  take. Nothing major right now though. I am NOT going back to filming  videos at all. I  AM still making  custom private videos UNTIL DECEMBER 20, 2016. After that you will ONLY be able to buy My old video online I will NOT make any new custom  videos in  2017.

Elegantly sexy
Elegantly sexy

By the way speaking of things I’m excited about. I’ve been doing some really great things as far of the other aspects of  Sapphire, ie the writer, talent promoter. I’ve delved into the music industry as well now and am working with an A&R from Def Jam Records. Have you clicked LIKE on  all THREE of My Facebook fan pages yet? Don’t miss out on My day to  day activities.

Sapphire Writes ( writer page)

Sapphires Spotlight On Talent ( talent promo page)

Bmores Hidden Jewel ( model page)

Since we’re talking about beaches and water today  let Me  throw another water video in. How about I get naughty in the hot tub for you?

I know sometimes  you get tired of seeing the same free  videos on Pornhub and  wish I’d update more. Don’t fret! There’s always more videos HERE. You can  download them straight to you computer and  enjoy. Want to  watch them  streaming, pay ONE low flat rate and never have to worry about  downloading? Watch My videos HERE then.

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Sexy Sapphire Turns 10 Years Old. Happy Anniversary To Me.

What I love most
What I love most

As I sit here thinking  of what to type My mind  is flooded with memories of the last 10 years. I still can’t believe that it’s been a decade since I  worked for an outside employer.  My life has  changed so much, in 2006 when I started portraying the character of Sexy Sapphire  I was  just a 24 year old wild child. I  had no self esteem, I hated Myself.

10 Years Of Sexy Sapphire
10 Years Of Sexy Sapphire

10 years later I look in the mirror and see a totally different person. I am so calm and  stable these days. No more wild child, no more sleeping around and partying like crazy. No more low self esteem.  Before Sexy Sapphire I had never  been  further than the family farm in Virginia. I created My first Myspace page as Sexy Sapphire in May 2006, By September of 2006 I was out with a millionaire for dinner out of town.

December2006 I was In Colorado with the concert promoter who had put on the  Money In The Bank tour with Lil Scrappy and Young Buck. January 2007 we were back in  Colorado, this time at the very posh resort, The Broadmoor, My life had changed totally. I was also starting to  play online on My webcam.


Webcamming led Me to My biggest break in the business. I had gotten pretty popular on a busy cam site and was pulling in hundreds a week on cam. I saw an ad on Craigslist looking for models to represent a domain name business and radio station in Vegas at a convention.  I  just knew I wasn’t what they were looking for. I didn’t have the body of a model, I wasn’t as pretty as a lot of the  girls in the industry. Hell I was just a little  chick from the hood, I knew I had no chance so I decided to  apply anyway. I was initially turned  down after a phone interview and told I would be  kept in mind  for future projects.

I accepted that  L and went on about My business. A week later I was headed into the subway  tunnel when My cell rang. It was the guy who I had spoken to about Vegas, he asked if I was still interested i said of course. I  was scheduled to leave in FOUR days. It was VERY short notice. I  had just days to sign the  contracts and  fax them back, buy the things I needed and pack. By the time I got the things I needed I had $50 left in My pockets. That needed to last Me SEVEN days in Vegas.

Nothing was  stopping Me… I was  going. My contract guaranteed Me round trip travel, all meals provided, residence at a condo for 7 days, transportation  anywhere I needed to go. All I had to do was show up and promote the company.  I got to  Vegas and  everything  was as said. I was offered the opportunity to make  extra money  by promoting the domain name business while I was doing the  promotions  for the radio station. I sold some domains to the guy who owned Clips4sale not even knowing who he was. I accepted a job that would pay Me NOTHING  but  gain Me a wonderful experience. I walked away with $1300 cash and a great  experience. Even better, I never had to do one real  photo shoot or have sex or anything.  It was all promotions and partying. The food was excellent, I shared My  condo with a Penthouse photographer and a Cyber Playboy model. I took a chance and it paid off big time.

I made so many connections in Vegas that  I came home and  was able to really make some  moves that wouldn’t have been possible before the trip. Suddenly I was being booked out of town almost regularly. I was getting gifts and  money sent to Me all the time, My fan base was steady growing as was My confidence. I got bold. I  was  into  bondage and fetishes and all the websites I  saw were full of white girls. There weren’t any Black  fetish models and I  couldn’t understand. I’d use that button at the bottom and contact the webmaster and tell them their site was awesome but I bet their viewers would love a woman who looked like Me. Many took the bait, suddenly I was the only Black girl on multiple websites that had only showcased white women  previously. Then I discovered facesitting and  started being booked for foot fetishes. I was  on.

Bath Time
Bath Time

From late 2007 through the middle of  2010  I made XXX videos with My  two boyfriends Bucky Pipes and  Markus. When Markus  and I split I stopped making them because I couldn’t imagine doing those things on  video with anyone I wasn’t in love with. I continued to make solo and fetish videos through 2015. In December 2010 I was declared legally disabled and shifted My  focus again.

I couldn’t  do as much and at the time I was extremely sick so I couldn’t travel as much either. I told everyone I  would get published  in magazines and start  really making  a name as a model now. People laughed. I did something I  had never  done before, paid TWO of the  most  known  photographers to  shoot Me. From one of those shoots I had My  first  images published in a  magazine. The other shoot people still rave about the photos to this day.

Since I paid for photos in the spring of 2011 I’ve NEVER had to pay  a photographer again. Those shoots  solidified the idea that I was more than  just a webcam  girl or amateur porn chick. The photos showed people that even with My diminutive stature I shot  big, just as big as the normal sized girls.

I Love Me
I Love Me

I got published in My first magazine in spring of 2011 and to date have been featured as a model on the cover of two magazines, on the cover of a book and  I’ve been featured inside more magazines than I can count. I’ve also been featured model model of the week, model of the month and more online.

My next ambition was to get My writing noticed. I  have been writing My  whole life and  as I  maintained this  website since 2007 I’ve  dropped some of My  poetry and  short stories here. I was offered the opportunity to have one of My erotic stories published in 2012. That feature in Eighty6 Blvd  led to a partnership that  has maintained to this day. I have written for all but one issue of Eighty6 Blvd and I’m happy to be on the team. I think I  have the best gig, not only do I get to write what My heart  desires but I  get to do the cover and  celebrity interviews quite often. Through Eighty6 Blvd I’ve interviewed Nyomi Banxxx, a Playboy Playmate ( Shani Hollywood) and a reality t.v. star, Brave Williams.

Topless Sapphire
Topless Sapphire

Writing for Eighty6 Blvd led to  many other writing opportunities. I have a monthly column in BADD Magazine and have had My work featured in  many other urban and independent  magazines. That led to Me being  hired as a paid  blogger  for The Urban Twist. I’ve been LOVING that. I spend about 50% of My time writing now. I’ve even written My first two books using the erotic stories that I had written for magazines.

I felt unfulfilled not being as active in the entertainment business so I started a talent promotion business and  website. I love helping others shine and  showcase their  talents. In a year the  site  has  done very well I’ve interviewed reality t.v. stars, singers, photographers, authors and more. I  have a resource area and  also  write articles giving tips and advice. It’s My baby and I’m proud of it. Have you checked it  out? It’s  Sapphire Spotlight On Talent.

I’ve taking on some new  responsibilities  now, with the  talent promo business I stepped My promotions game up and am also  booking  people now at times. I just  can’t stop chasing My goals and looking  for ways to make money off My hobbies and interests. Later this year I am launching a  food and cooking website.

As I sit here I think back to  April of 2006, one month before I created Sexy Sapphire. I was a young single mother working at a  dead end administrative assistant job. When that Job went out of business in September of 2007 I was devastated. Turns out they were a fraudulent company and I had been there three years. There was  no one to give Me a  reference or even prove I had worked the last three years. I felt lost.

they love Me in the streets
they love Me in the streets

I made a decision then and there that I would chase the  fantasy of being a model/entertainer although I knew NOT ONE person who was an entertainer. I didn’t know how to do ANYTHING on the computer other than play games on yahoo and  work Microsoft Office Suite. 10 years later I built this website from  scratch just as I built My talent promotion site. I have not had a manager since 2007 yet I have managed to  make a real name for Myself and gain an international fan base that  has supported Me for 10 years. People who have seen me grow and evolve. People who have stuck with Me even as I gave up the things that made them notice Me in the first place.

In 2010 when I stopped making XXX videos there were many who told Me I would never  be anything more than a chick who sucked dick online. I new they were wrong and  I proved that to them. I look back and there are  some people who were either around before Me or started in the business at the same time I did and they’re nobodies today.  I feel sorry for some of them because they’re so invested in  it emotionally they  won’t even back down  when it’s evident they should. Evolution is  inevitable and I think that has been what has  sustained Me  for this long. I am very diverse and  luckily I have  had the opportunity to share My diversity with so many people. For that I am grateful.

I’ve started to share My life story via My “The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles” video series on youtube. I  have  7  videos  up so far, each 45 minutes or  so. I am  starting with who I really am and sharing for the first time the real person behind Sapphire in  full detail. I  suggest you check them out. Eventually I will catch up to present day time. These  videos are a prelude to the memoir I  am planning to start writing later this year. I’m also planning to become a motivational speaker soon.  I want to help others achieve the  happiness I have.

I thank each and  every one of you  for being a part of  the last 10 years of My life. I AM taking  gifts. 10 years is a big anniversary. Click below to purchase something off My wishlist

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I’m All Smiles As I Approach My 10 Year Anniversary As Sexy Sapphire

It’s been almost two weeks since I gained a part of My life back that had been taken from Me  quite some time ago, My smile. It’s been 3 years since I  chipped My front tooth and that coupled with  other dental problems had My self esteem fucked.  The 4 month process I’ve been going through has had My mind and pockets fucked. But I’m all smiles now.

New Smile
New Smile

I’ve almost finished paying off My dentist and  now only owe him $700. I was really depressed for a while when I was  facing that $6,000 bill and not one of My fans cared enough to help. I got over it, I realized that no matter what I was doing this for Me and the less help I got the better I’d feel anyway. I don’t feel so responsible for being “on” for people because I  owe no one anything.


I find it  so hard to believe that I am less than 2 weeks from My 10 year anniversary of  starting My career as Sexy Sapphire. I still can’t believe something I initially began as a joke turned out to be so long lasting and profitable. I  guess that joke is on Me.  It’s been a long fun and turmoil filled 10 years, more fun than anything though. I can’t even began to explain how Sapphire changed My life.

10 years ago I was a girl playing around on Myspace. I evolved to a webcam  girl, then  became a model. From  modeling I  went into amateur adult video work and events. My career grew, I became a published writer. I’m a book and magazine cover model. I’ve retired from adult video work, after a hiatus from modeling I’m ready to  return with a whole new style. I now write for multiple platforms and  have  completed My first two books.Ii even run a talent promotion company.  To think this all started as a joke, I created Sapphire to prove to people I had NO marketable value.  Guess I was wrong.

I'm back
I’m back

I no longer seek validation and  am 100% happy with who I am. That makes life so much easier for Me as  I chase My dreams. For  so long I was running around trying to live out the dreams others had for Me.  I can’t wait to return to modeling  with My new look, I’m not putting wigs back on, I love my locs. I want to do more natural  stuff, some artistic nudes, more editorial style photos.

I also realized that though I  can’t go back to explicit adult work I miss a certain part of it. I miss  doing the foot fetish work, I myself have a huge foot fetish and miss the attention My feet used to get. I  can see myself returning to that  work soon.

I’ve  proven My longevity and  versatility. It’s been 10 years, I feel comfortable doing whatever I feel like right now. And I can, I’ve learned that no one can stop Me.

peek a boo pussy
peek a boo pussy

I hope you all are having an amazing day and before I go  I want you to check out this free video below.

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