Michelle Nikkita 1

Hottie of the Month: Michelle Nikkita


Michelle Nikkita 1
Michelle Nikkita 1
Michelle Nikkita is a very versatile freelance model based in Huntsville Alabama.  She wishes to pursue a career in runway, fashion, lingerie and promotional modeling.


Name:Michelle Nikkita


Stats: 5’9, 135 lbs. 34D-31-35




Hometown: Huntsville AL



1.) How did you decide to get into the modeling industry?


I was always, what I thought was awkwardly tall. And everybody use to say have you ever thought about modeling? So I tried it out

How long have you been modeling? A little over a year.
Michelle Nikkita 2
Michelle Nikkita 2
2.) What is your ultimate  goal with your modeling? What’s your dream gig?


I want to be the girl you see featured on New York and LA Billboards, do runway work, and build my fan base so great I can start a charity for Esophageal Cancer Awareness

My dream gig is defiantly shooting for playboy! I use to even tell my dad I would!


3.) Are you focusing strictly on modeling or will you delve into webcamming too?


I think I like the feel of modeling better!


4.) You’ve  done some promotional modeling. What brands have you represented?


I’ve done a few posters for SunDrop, Clayton James Whiskey, and Tenn South distillery.

5.) Have you met your first “creep” photographer yet? How did you handle it if so?


I did not physically meet them. But I’ve had somebody try to fly me overseas and even send the check and after my manager and escort both checked it all out it was somebody from like Russia sending me a check from a potato farm. (My family jokes and calls me potato model sometimes >.<)


Michelle Nikkita 3
Michelle Nikkita 3


6.) What advice would you give other up and coming models jumping into the game?


Do not quit! If you are from a small town especially. It’s hard. And it’s not just looking pretty in front of a camera. You literally have to study and practice like school or any other job/hobby.


7.) What is the way to  snag a  girl like  you?


If you cook me steak! Or can cook in general. What would you consider a great pick up line? Well. Smile, if you want to have sex with me. Things like that, that make me laugh or smile (;


8.) What magazine would you love to see yourself on the  cover of?

Playboy, Penthouse, Vogue, Covergirl. Any of those!


9.) Where can people see more of you?


Michelle Nikkita 4
Michelle Nikkita 4

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