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Hottie Of The Month: Paris A. Tokyo


Name: Paris A Tokyo

Occupation: Model/Actress, Clothing Designer,  Burlesque Dancer and Music Artist

Hometown: Chicago

Measurements: 36-26-38

Brief Bio: Paris A Tokyo was Born in Chicago in 1988
and started her career in entertainment business at the early age of 2 as a ballet dancer.  Around the age of 11 she began her career in modeling and acting.  After graduating high school she jumped out into the industry full throttle taking Chicago’s underground model industry by storm. She then took her career to Austin, Texas
where she walked in many fashion shows, on sets of a few major tv shows, entertained and danced at Coyote Ugly and building her music video credits .  In 2012 Paris moved to Atlanta where her career flourished as she started a raping career, starred in the movie Xen, joined Liberal Ladies Exotic Show n Tell. She launched her clothing line PTsWAGG Customs in 2015. Paris is  now a radio host on AUMA Radio on Saturday night 8-10pm est.

Paris A Tokyo
Paris A Tokyo

1.) You have a very eclectic look, so diverse. How would you describe   your personality?

I’m very much a free spirit.  A little weird, artistic, nerd, a big kid on the inside. I’m not afraid to be myself and I own who I am! I’m funny and playful but when it comes down to my business side I don’t play!

2.) How did you get into the modeling business?

When I was a kid my mom put me into modeling school and I just invested and got my self out there and branding my self over the years. I’ve never given up no matter how many door were closed in my face because I’m not your “typical” model type.

3.) I heard you can move that body. What kind of dancer are you? What’s it like being on stage performing live in front of a crowd?

I’m trained in a few different genres of dance currently I perform burlesque with Liberal Ladies Exotic Show N’ Tell in Atlanta, Ga. Being part of LLE is an amazing experience. Very LIBERATING, it’s a rush. I’ve been dancing from the age of 2 (ballet) and as I  got older I got in to other genres of dance. In 2011  I Became a dancer and Entertainer
At Coyote Ugly in Austin Texas. Best dancing gig I ever had, and yes we actually dance on the bar!

4.) What can you tell us about “Xen”? Was this your first erotic movie?

Xen was my very first erotic movie.  I was very honored and humbled to have been asked by miss Onyx Keisha to star in this project.
Xen is a LGBT erotic film that focuses on 3 couples in sex therapy all trying to reach XEN.  Xen.Erotica is a new film series that caters to lesbian women of color. Sex Positive work that highlights the fullness and beauty of the lesbian sexual experience.  Xen.Erotica is something fresh and exciting. Some view erotica as “taboo” but we believe that all aspects of lesbian life should be celebrated. The films that make up this series are not only about sex, they are films filled with love, drama, tragedy at times and most of all they are relatable to lesbian women of color.

Look back
Look back

5.) What’s the quickest way to turn you on?

Not your typical way, but intellect is a huge turn on. If I’m already physically attracted, there’s nothing like a good intellectual conversation to win my panties over!

6.) If you could get any celebrity alone for one night who would it be?

That’s hard…. I’m going to go with Erykah Badu. Her mind is beautiful and shes a nerd and nerds are freaks!

Beauty in nature
Beauty in nature

7.) Where can people find more of you?

My website is  http://parisatokyo.wix.com/parisatokyo-themodel

The Liberal Ladies Burlesque site is http://www.liberalladies.com/

Go to  http://Xenerotica.com for movie info

My facebook is www.facebook.com/parisatokyo and I’m @parisatokyo  on (snapchat twitter ig periscope )

To find my clothing line on social media @ptswaggcustoms www.facebook.comptswaggcustoms

Lady in red
Lady in red

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