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Sexy Sapphire

There are so many  facets  to Sexy Sapphire, the cam girl,  model, talent promoter but the  hat I love to wear most is writer.  I have  been writing longer than I can remember. It started with poetry when I was  younger and then advanced to  monologues and short stories. I began writing professionally in 2013 when I started writing for 86 Blvd Magazine. I had already been writing short stories of My own for My  blog but  now I was offered another  platform to showcase My work. Below are tear sheets and  mag covers of My work.

Once I started writing for 86 Blvd regularly My confidence grew and I  reached out to  a few other  publications. I started to freelance for urban magazines and in turn, to take My writing more seriously.

To date my writing has been featured in well over 30 magazines issues and on various websites.

I currently write  for 3 magazines ( 86 Blvd, Badd Mag & the newly launched, Badd Urban Dolls )  and a news and entertainment website ( The Urban Twist )  as a staff writer. I have a board on Pinterest for you to  keep up with all My writing and I will be posting  excerpts and links to My new publications here as well.

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Magazines My writing is in
Magazines My writing is in


Under The Mistletoe

“I can’t believe you got Me out here in the cold and snow to get more cheesy Christmas decorations.” The snow crunched Denise’s boots as she and her fiance,  Martin carried bags from the car to their apartment building up the block. Martin laughed, “Oh come on baby, get into the spirit. Just wait until you see the Christmas surprise I have waiting inside for you.” Groaning Denise sighed “It better not be one of those cheesy ass big Santas or snowmen. I’m telling you killing me with all your holiday cheer.” Shifting the load of bags in her arm she opened the door to the foyer, waiting for Martin, loaded down with bags to come inside. “Bah humbug!” He licked his tongue as he shuffled past her. “C’mon Scrooge. Hopefully My surprise upstairs at least puts a smile on your face.

“I’m telling you, if it’s taller than My knee and not a tree it has to go” she giggled. “You like my rhyme.” Martin rolled his eyes at her. “I think you might like this Scrooge.” Before Denise could come back with a witty reply the elevator stopped on their floor and Martin was ushering her out. Standing at the door to their apartment she found herself actually nervous, She wasn’t anti Christmas or anything but had never known anyone to find as much delight in decorating as Martin. Everywhere she turned inside there were gifts and wrapping paper decorations and tinsel, candles and wreaths. Closing her eyes she stuck her key in the door and braced herself for whatever lie ahead.

Stepping inside she didn’t notice anything immediately different and for a moment felt relief, hoping his surprise was a gift and not more decorations. Suddenly panic swept over her, ‘My God if he decorated my damn bedroom’ she thought to herself, dropping her bags and rushing to their bedroom. Finding all just as she left it she turned to join Martin in the living room and find out what this surprise was. Denise was almost back inside the living room when she noticed there was something hanging from the doorway . Walking up close she stared up “What is that?” she pointed at the plant suspended above her head. Laughing deeply Martin too pointed at the plant hanging over their heads “That? Are you serious? You don’t know what that is for real baby?” Moving in close he wrapped his arms around her waist, placing his hand on her chin Martin tilted Denise’s head back and planted a soft, almost innocent kiss on her lips. “Does that help you figure it out?” he asked.

Denise smiled up at Martin, “ I think so. People kiss under the mistletoe right?” Martin smiled broadly, “That’s right baby. And if you notice there is mistletoe in every doorway in this apartment. I thought we could spend the whole night giving each other kisses under the mistletoe. I had no idea ho much you missed by not celebrating Christmas growing up” He pulled her in close again and kissed her deeply, this time more passionately. Denise smiled, “so what you’re saying is you want to kiss my pretty lips all night? You’re going to make me blush.” chuckling she swatted at him playfully. Martin shook his head, “As much as I love kissing these juicy lips I really thought I’d kiss some other lips and a few things in between both sets too.” Martin let his hands drop from her waist don to her hips, smoothing his hands over the corves. And just in case I had trouble pinning you down under the mistletoe I put that shit under every door frame in here. I don’t care if I have to tackle you in the bathroom doorway I’m kissing whatever I want under the mistletoe tonight and you’re going to do some kissing too so I hope you’re ready to smudge that pretty lipstick. he smacked her on the ass.

Pulling back “When does this smoochfest start?” Denise asked “Do I have time to get out these et clothes and into something comfortable?” A wide grind spread across Martin’s face. “Let me turn the heat up hopefully you will be comfortably naked. I might want to kiss things your clothes cover.” He let her go, “You got fifteen minutes and then meet me under the mistletoe of your choosing.” Denise hurried off to their bedroom to change. Growing up in a household where religious holiday weren’t celebrated she had never gotten much into the Christmas spirit but since Martin came into her life two years ago he had really be trying to get her to get into the spirit and she had to admit, the mistletoe idea really turned her on.

Stripping out of her wet jeans and sweater she shivered a moment and then immediately felt a wave of heat rush through her body as she thought about Martin and how much effort he put into making sure she had a great holiday.

Martin hoped he could finish pulling together a few things before Denise came out the room. If he knew his fiancee he would have at least 10 extra minutes. Quickly he pulled out a new black futon mattress and put it under the dining room doorway, Lighting candles around the room he turned off all the lights in the apartment. To put the finishing touches on the ambiance he start The Temptations Christmas album on repeat low and poured them both a glass of wine.

He had just finished setting up a tray next to the mattress with the wine and a small fruit and cheese platter with cocktail shrimp on the side when the bedroom door swung open and Denise took his breath away. Denise had taken him totally by surprise, standing in the doorway in a beautiful santa lingerie outfit with matching hat and red heels Denise as the best gift he could ask for. “ I had planned to save this for Christmas but tonight seems like a great night to model it for you. I know you wanted me naked but as you can see this doesn’t cover much skin at all.” she laughed Martin stared at Denise, taking her outfit in again with a big grin on his face. From head to toe she looked like the perfect gift to unwrap. Across her breasts her top was made simply to look like a bow, ready for unwrapping. His eyes traveled further south, stopping at her white fur trimmed red thongs. “Turn around”, he commanded and Denise obliged, playfully wiggling her ass in his direction

Martin couldn’t get over how sexy she looked in those panties, the thong set in between her cheeks perfectly, like they had been painted on. His eyes again traveled lower, taking in her smooth shapely thighs, her calves, and how the candle light danced on her bronze skin. Dancing seductively, slow and rhythmically Denise teased him from the doorway, he had a hard time focusing on her legs and those tantalizing come fuck me red stiletto pumps she was wearing as her ass gyrated back and forth. “Girl what are you trying to do to me?” His voice caught in his throat. Looking around the room Denise couldn’t help but laugh out loud “Me? I should be asking you that. I leave for ten minutes…” Martin coughed and cut her off “You mean you leave for a half hour.” Denise cut her eye at him and he hushed “Anyway I leave the room for twenty minutes” she paused to smile at Martin and he laughed “ and I come back and you got it looking like a love den in here. Wine, cheese, candles soft music and a bed I’ve never seen before. Hell hat are you trying to do to me is the question.”

Martin patted the mattress beside him, “Why Don’t you let me show you” Crossing the room to join him Denise picked a glass of wine up off the tray and brought it to her lips. As soon as she swallowed Martin was on his feet “Please don’t lick the drops off your lips, let my first taste of wine be from those sweet lips here under the mistletoe.” All Denise could do was blush as she lowered the glass and Martin took her into his arms. His hands caressed her body as his tongue caressed hers. There under the mistletoe they rocked in each others arms, intertwined in a fervent kiss. Martin broke the kiss first, letting kisses trail down her neck and shoulder. “Come, let’s lie down, I want to kiss you everywhere.” He took the glass from her hand placing it back on the tray and guided her by the hand to the mattress on the floor.

Kneeling above her Martin stopped again to take in the beauty that was his soon to be wife. The perfect present to unwrap, he ran his hand along the bow that covered her breasts and down the flatness of her stomach stopping just above her panty line. Letting one finger dip below, inside her panties, he teased the small tuft of pubic hair he found there, fondling it teasingly. He let his hand trail the lining of her panties as her hips rose and fell with his touch. He could hear her moaning softly as he gripped the waists of her panties on either side and tugged them down over her round juicy ass. Lowering his head he placed small kisses all over al that he had just uncovered.

His kisses started on her hips and traveled to her pubic hair, his tongue ran up the inside of her inner thigh as her body shuddered. His hands circled her waist tightly as he pulled her close, burying his head in her sweet honey pot. His tongue teased at the lips, spreading them slightly as he ran his tongue up the crevice between them. Denise jumped. Martin continued, lapping at her outer lips before taking his finger and spreading them exposing her engorged clitoris. He took her clitoris in his mouth then, letting his tongue flicker over it driving Denise wild. Her body bucked and rocked beneath him even as he tired to hold her still. She was practically riding his face on her back but he didn’t let go. His tongue probed her fleshy inside, darting in and out of her hole and teasing the inside of her lips until her body started to convulse as she exploded on his face.

Martin grabbed her legs and pushed them far back just as she came and shoved his tongue in deeply. She came hard again screaming his name. “Martin!!!” Martin didn’t miss a beat and kept licking and sucking away until her body had finally stopped jerking and she lay spent. Martin pulled back licking her cum off his lips and wiping his face with the back of his hands. “Damn that was hot. Look how much you came.” Martin ran his finger up the inside of her thigh showing her how creamy she was before placing the finger in his mouth and sucking it clean. “You taste so fucking good girl shit.” he exclaimed.

Denise lie panting beneath him and he handed her the wine glass again. Sitting up Denise smiled sheepishly “I bet when people think about kissing under the mistletoe that is not what they think of.” she laughed. Martin joined her in laughter, “I’m glad you’re in such a cheerful mood because you know what I like my kisses down low too and we are under the mistletoe you know. “ His voice was low and deep and that smile always drove her nuts. “You’re right, we are under the mistletoe and from what I understand from tonight’s lesson, its customary to kiss under the mistletoe. And if I understand right you like your kisses down low so I’m going to need you to get out them boxers and show me something that wants my lips.” she teased.

It didn’t take more than once to get Martin out his boxers. He lie naked in front of her, gripping his rock hard cock and stroking it. Denise unsnapped her bra, removing it and pushed Martin back on the bed. “Stop touching that, it’s mine” She swatted his hand away and gripped his dick in her own hands. Letting her hands move und and down the shaft she lowered her head to let her tongue circle the head. Slowly, her tongue trailed around his dick over and over, briefly stopping to flicker over the tip, Opening wide Denise took Martin deep in her mouth feeling him against the back of her throat. He groaned and she took him in deeper, his dick slid down into her throat until she started to gag. She pulled back and came up for air.

Taking him back in he mouth she let her hand work his shaft in a slow circular motion and rocked against her. His hands moved up to her head and she felt him grip her hair. He moved her head up and down on his dick and she tried to keep up sucking furiously and drool ran down her chin and onto his throbbing rod. “Suck that dick. Fuck yea” martin told her gruffly between moans and groans. “ You a nasty little bitch ain’t you” He pulled her hair tighter and slowed her down on his dick. “Suck it slow.” he commanded and she did. Slow and sensuously she moved her mouth on his dick, reveling in the feeling as he fucked her mouth and throat.

Taking two hands she started stroking his dick again as she sucked, slurping up the spit and drool as she went along. She licked and sucked his balls as she stroked him and felt his body stiffen up. “Don’t stop baby, Fuck!” He exclaimed. ‘Get on your knees, I want to paint that pretty face.” he jumped to his feet just as she his load shot from his dick splaying across her face hair and chest. White creamy cum clung to her dark skin in the candlelight. Reaching down he wiped the cum out his fiancée’s eyes ‘ baby that was the best kiss I’ve ever gotten under the mistletoe I swear.” he reached down to help her to her feet. “Let me take you to the shower and clean you up ok.” He led her by the hand to the bathroom and started the shower. Grabbing a towel he wiped her face clean, “There you go, now you can see clearly pretty lady.” Denise pulled back the shower curtain and stepped inside, “ You’re so sweet baby. I won’t be long and you know wha—” her voice stopped short. “Baby why is there mistletoe hanging from the shower nozzle?” Martin laughed long and hard “ Do you really have to ask? I figured you might like some shower kisses too. Make room I’m coming in.”

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