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book cover
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I’ve released My  first book, SapphirErotica, a book of short erotic stories. I’m so excited to finally make it available. I wanted to do this for My fans who enjoy My erotic stories in various magazines.


For the last 5 years, Sexy Sapphire has been sharing her naughty sexual escapades through her original erotic stories. The hot cam girl and web goddess writes hot stories full of BDSM, debauchery and non-traditional sexual fun.  You’ll wonder how much is real and how much is plucked from her imagination.   Come get lost in fantasy with Sexy Sapphire as she weaves tales of erotica that will make you pick up the phone and call someone to put your fire out.


                15 Hot Original Erotic Stories

131 pages of sultry and naughty escapades

420 Love

A Birthday Surprise

A Lunchtime Treat

Birthday Sex


Dear Diary I’m Such a Hoe

Facebook Fun

Feed Me I’m Hungry

Fireworks at Midnight

Virgin Ink

My Nautical Valentine

House of Debauchery

Any Time, Any Place

Beach Blanket Bimbo

Paint My Feet with Your White-Hot Love

Now available on Amazon and at

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