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I Bet You Guys Missed Me. I Missed You Too

Backshot to  die for
Backshot to die for

Hey My loves it seems like ages since I stopped  to check in with you and I  know   I should have an excuse  but I don’t. I will say you can half  blame it on My  mind  being so scrambled and the other half  blame time and weather. At least twice within the last 7 days I’ve sat at My computer desk and tried to update this website but  it stormed so bad I couldn’t do  anything online, got frustrated and  quit.  It;’s only  9 a.m. and I’m exhausted already. I’ve been  up since 5 a.m. and  ate a  big  breakfast and have  been glued to the computer already for almost 3 hours.

EYE  see you
EYE see you

Last week was  so hard on Me  physically. We had almost a week of steady rain and you know what that  does to My body and  illnesses. I spent the majority of last week in bed on My back. It hurt too much to stand, sit up and  for 5 days even walk. But I’m happy to be  up and moving  this week, in fact I’m happy to  just be standing up after a week in bed. I’m sure I have a lot to  share but  My mind gets so frazzled. You know even if I’m not posting here I post DAILY on social networking sites. I’m active  DAILY on

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glam girl
glam girl

I don’t know if you are keeping up but  I had two hot  interviews last month. I want to make sure you don’t miss out. Click the links below to check them out



Toot it up Sapphire
Toot it up Sapphire

I  love writing  editorial pieces  and having a chance to display My mind  through a more diverse style of writing than My  erotic stories. I am happy to say My  newest piece on  the difference between  half naked women on line and half naked women in the business is now on the Naughty Down 4Ever website. I hope you take time to check it out just  click the link http://www.naughtydown4ever.com/2015/06/not-every-naked-girl-by-sexysapphire.html?spref=tw

The Naughty Down 4Ever  Logo
The Naughty Down 4Ever Logo

As always I’m steadily  looking for ways to bring you  the best of Sexy Sapphire at the best prices. You guys know I’ve been on MyPornProfile since it  initially started. Now they have added the opportunity to  purchase  a subscription to all My videos on the site instead of having to  purchase them individually. This can and will save you tons of money shopping for My and other hot models pics and videos online. Just go to My page at http://mypornprofile.com/21/sexy-sapphire and hit the SUBSCRIBE  button under My profile picture.

subscribe to Me on mypornprofile
subscribe to Me on mypornprofile

I’m so close to TWO MILLION views on. @pornhub that it just says 2 Million. I really have 1,885,209 views. you can get Me to 2 Million find Me by typing sapphirethesexy1 in the search bar or click HERE

check Me out on pornhub
check Me out on pornhub

I  have a hair appointment in a few minutes so I’m  gonna leave you with a little  video  love before I  go. Kisses.

Lets Play dress Up from Sexy Sapphire on Vimeo.

Seductive Sexiness from Sexy Sapphire on Vimeo.

customs4u promo video WMV V9 from Sexy Sapphire on Vimeo.

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