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The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles

Sapphire's beautiful face
Sapphire’s beautiful face

I don’t know if you were following the series before I took the old site down but  I hope that  you were. For those  of you who aren’t let Me catch you up. Earlier this year I decided to start telling My  life story on camera in a series titled “The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles”. The title is a little misleading because in actuality I’m telling the story of Melony, most of the stories I have to tell are from BEFORE I started being Sexy Sapphire. I’ve been  telling people for years, not that many believed Me, that Sapphire is the tame part of Me. I was  much wilder before I had so much to lose. So I’m telling it all, about My prostitution, the strip parties, the stupid mistakes, the lessons I’ve learned.

I’ve been telling  the  story of My life  in 40 minute or so increments in videos I’ve hosted on My DailyMotion page.  I’ve embedded the first THREE (3) videos in the series here in this post and  the links to the additional 4 are found beneath them. The next video in the series will be posted next week.

part 1


Part 2

part 3

Check out the  rest of the  videos in the series

The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles V4 – Who Are You Again?

The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles V5 – I Like Girls

The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles V6 – Because I’m Still Here

The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles V7 – School Days

I hope you  enjoy  My  stories of craziness and debauchery and  getting to know the woman behind the image of Sexy Sapphire.

In the  car looking sexy in My black mink coat
In the car looking sexy in My black mink coat
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