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I Need the Dust Knocked Off My Ass. I Need A New Sex Partner Bad.

Hey  My loves, I hope this  blog post find you in great spirits. I Myself, am horny as fuck. My sex life is severely fucked right now and I’m almost at My  breaking point. I got to this weird place in life a while back where I have to actually like the person to enjoy having sex with them. Maybe after actually falling in love I have feelings or something now. What I DO know, is that I have to be mentally stimulated and and physically turned on by a guy to get off these days.

Picture 046

I  truly miss having good, exciting sex. I mean sweat drenching, hair pulling, back scratching, fuck Me in every position and all over the house type sex. I mean I miss having a guy to share fetishes with. More importantly I miss having a man around who’s not afraid to manhandle Me.  You can’t get that when you just fucking a  guy here and there, there’s no real connection. In order  for Me to be free and  freaky as I want to be, there has to be a real connection.


As many know, I identify as a switch.  While I  thoroughly enjoy dominating and degrading white men, I want nothing more  than to submit to a strong Black King. It’s My dream, it’s been way to long. I need a man who can control Me, please Me and make Me his personal slut.

I cut off My lovers really. I kept 3 and all of them are unsatisfying. Most days I choose to just masturbate and I barely enjoy that. One has a huge dick and fucks Me good but we have no connection. I don’t talk to him on the phone and when he’s here we smoke, watch tv and fuck. We’ve been doing this for 10 years now. The other, at least we talk when he’s around. There’s some mental stimulation and the sex is good but we have no real connection. I  don’t talk to him, we don;t hang out. We’ve been doing this for 6 years. The third, I really like, we have a great relationship and talk like 5 days a week. We go out on dates and all, I’ve been seeing him on and off for 13 years, steadily the last 7 years. The ONLY problem is his dick is too small. The sexual experience is great, but the sex itself is only so-so.


I’m used to great sex.  Being able to enjoy My time only with the  guy with the smallest dick SUCKS.

You know what’s worse? They’re all pussies lmao. They all know I give  a serious blow job, they all eat My pussy and  I  never  suck their dicks. The shit is ridiculous. I’d like to suck their dicks, but the connection just isn’t there that makes Me want to suck it. I love sucking dick, I miss it. I just either have to really like the guy or be dominated and well….it’s not happening.

My sex life sucks. I masturbate too much and lately I’m doing it and wondering why at the same damn time. I want to be fucked, I want to be gagged. I want to be with  a man who knows all My kinky fetishes and  caters to them.


I don’t even meet people these days though, people are such weirdos. I miss the days before I was so popular and was just a freak. I swear My sex life was so serious, I fucked who I wanted when I wanted. Sometimes two and three guys a day.

Damn I miss My hoe days.

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Happy Hump Day I Let Them Whip On Me So Many Time But I’ve Gone Back

Sexy Sapphire
Sexy Sapphire

Usually I’m so strong  but I tell you every  now and then I have My weaknesses, usually it’s a chocolate man but this time is work related. I love  all the  different  video sharing  sites but  I’d be a fool to  deny that youtube is the most popular. I’ve  tried this youtube thing but youtube and I have  fought so many times.

Sexy Sapphire  checkered thigh highs
Sexy Sapphire checkered thigh highs

I’ve had so many youtube  pages I should feel like a battered spouse just pulling youtube UP. But here I go….back again. I have things I need to get out to the masses and I need youtube  for work so  I’ve had to devise a new game plan for youtube. I will ONLY be putting My  fully dressed videos on youtube. No more thongs and  lingerie and stuff like that. I have those videos already  on Daily Motion and Vimeo so that’s fine with Me.

So I started a  new page yesterday and posted some  videos. I  recorded two brand new video  blogs and you can check them out below. I’ve added a few other  videos and will be continuously  uploading  now. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe_NSxP-NWTFCoSQDLyphvg

Now  don’t fret, you know I have hot  videos on daily motion  like the ones  below. Now if you go to Daily Motion and  don’t see 60 or so videos SCROLL TO BOTTOM and  turn the adult  lock off.

Sexy Sapphire Mirror Dance by bmoresjewel

and  even more hot videos like  tone one below on Vimeo

Lets Play dress Up from Sexy Sapphire on Vimeo.

kisses all
kisses all
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My Latest Interviews – Are You Keeping Up?



Sapphire standing in blue and white
Sapphire standing in blue and white

Hey My loves, I don’t know if you have been keeping up with Me in My absence from posting blogs regularly but I have stayed busy at all times. I find Myself wondering if you’ve checked out My latest few interview. Just in case you haven’t I  got them right here for you.

Sexy Sapphire in Blue Panties
Sexy Sapphire in Blue Panties

This summer I  had the opportunity to  be interviewed by the owner of Sin69 Studios, a local porn company that has been making waves in the business. We talked business, marketing and popularity. Check out the interview below

I also had the chance to  be interviewed by  one of the top porn  bloggers in the business on the east coast  Mr. Ralph Terry. We had a great interview check it out below.

I  also  have had  some new written interviews like this one  below


Take some time and check  them out. I be having a lot to  say and I’m funny too.

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